A player holding a smartphone with Player's Unknown Battleground, also known as PUBG online shooting gaming. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Online multiplayer game PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground), has claimed yet another life in India. This time a 14-year-old boy allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison at his residence in Andhra Pradhesh after his family members scolded him for playing the online game.

According to media reports, Boyi Lohith from Visakhapatnam committed suicide by consuming insecticide after his mother reprimanded him for being addicted to the online game .

Indian news website reported, on August 20, Triveni shouted at her son and took away his mobile phone. Upset over the scolding, Lohith mixed insecticide in a glass of water and gulped it down. The parents immediately took him to a private nursing home at Sheila Nagar. After three days, he was shifted to another hospital for better treatment.

The police on Wednesday said that Lohith who lived with his parents in Pedda Korada area of Visakhapatnam was rushed to the hospital where he died during the treatment on Tuesday.

PUBG is an online real-time multiplayer game where about 100 players fight it out in free for all combat where the sole survivor emerges victorious. Many on social media have said that it is an addictive game.

Reports of suicides or deaths due to the game have been growing in India in the last few months. Twitter users are concerned.

21-yr-old allegedly beheads father for not letting him play PUBG

According to the, on September 8, 21-yr-old Raghuveer from Karnataka’s Belagavi, approached his father Shankrappa Kammaar and asked him for money to recharge his phone so that he could play PUBG. His father refused.

Angry withi his father, Raghuveer brutally beheaded his father and left the house.

According to the police: “When everyone went to sleep, Raghuveer slit his father’s throat, beheaded him and also cut off his legs. He then took his phone and ran away from the house.”

In the early hours of Monday, the Katki Police in Belagavi district received a call from the family members of Shankrappa stating that he had been beheaded and his legs chopped off. Shankrappa’s family members allegedly told the police that Raghuveer had killed him and absconded.

“Shankrappa was working in the police department. He had been trying to get his son off PUBG for months now. Shankrappa had told his colleagues that his son was addicted to the game. Over the last few months too, he had advised Raghuveer to stop playing the game but the boy did not listen to him. Raghuveer was not going to college and was also unemployed,” said Shivanand Koujalgi, Inspector of Katki Police Station.

The Inspector told TNM that Raghuveer and Shankrappa had fought on multiple occasions over his addiction to the game and on Sunday night, Shankrappa allegedly confiscated Raghuveer’s phone and had refused to give him money to recharge his mobile.

Raghuveer was booked for murder.