Marijuana Image Credit: Al Aan

In a bizarre incident on Saturday, June 28, a family cooked 'ganja sabzi' (marijuana) and ate it thinking it is 'methi' (fenugreek) in the Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh, India, and all of them were hospitalised immediately.

It’s trending on social media, and there is a mixed response from the users as some are sarcastic about the incident while others are outraged.

A twitter user @ShreeShetty8 tweeted: "Why should they be hospitalized? …."

@Inkblot_OCB tweeps: “UP is India’s Florida: The most enchanting and absurd stuff keeps happening out there.”

Reportedly, a man named Naval Kishore jokingly gave a packet of marijuana or ‘ganja’ to a fellow villager’s son, Nitesh, claiming that it was methi; the latter did not realise what he was having was not a vegetable. He gave the packet to his sister-in-law, who also did not realise, that instead of ‘aloo methi’ (a north Indian delicacy made of potato and fenugreek) she was making ‘ganja sabzi’.

According to the local police, they got uncooked marijuana from the house. The cops caught both Naval and Nitesh, and the vegetable seller,who was also detained - he reportedly said that he sold marijuana instead of methi as a joke.

The police registered the case after a complaint was filed.