Lady police officer's fake profile picture that trapped the gangster Image Credit: Supplied

Patna: He was smart, but she was smarter.

A woman police officer in Bihar helped nab a notorious gangster, Mohammad Hasnain, by posing as his “girlfriend”.

The incident took place in Darbhanga district, some 150 km north of Patna, on Wednesday evening.

Police said an expensive mobile phone belonging to a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Sanjay Kumar Mahato, was stolen by Hasnain following which a formal complaint was registered with the Darbhanga police.

Subsequently, the case was handed to a senior police officer, Madhubala Devi, the assistant sub-inspector of police.

A close scrutiny of the call detail records (CDR) of the stolen mobile found that the mobile was still being used by Hasnain.

Reports said that the police tried to arrest him but he managed to escape each time.

Eventually, the officer began posing as his “girlfriend” by calling him at regular intervals.

Initially, Hasnain showed no interest but finally fell into the trap.

Subsequently, he asked the caller to send him her photograph.

The officer responded by first replacing her mobile phone’s profile picture with that of South Indian superheroine Nayanthara and sending the same to the criminal.

“He appeared mad with joy after seeing the photograph and agreed to meet me at a place in Darbhanga town. Finally when he reached the designated place, we arrested him with the help of other policemen in civilian clothes,” Devi told Gulf News.

Devi was dressed in a burqa and hence Hasnain couldn’t identify her.

During the interrogation, he confessed to his crime but said that he had bought the stolen mobile for Rs4,500 from another criminal.

Based on the information provided, the second accused was arrested by the police on Wednesday.

The police department in the state has now announced a reward for Devi for her quick thinking.