Shobha Devi was arrested by the police after she threw newborns from the third floor of the hospital, unable to understand doctor’s advice. Image Credit: Lata Rani/Gulf News

Patna: A woman threw two newborn twins from the third floor of a government hospital in Bihar as she didn’t comprehend doctors’ words.

While one baby died on the spot, the other is battling for survival. The bizarre incident took place in Bhagalpur district on Friday night. Police have arrested the woman, who is the aunt of the twins.

A pregnant woman Ajala Devi, wife of Chandeshwari Yadav from Arsandi village in Madhepura district, was admitted to a government hospital in Bhagalpur district after her condition worsened following heavy bleeding. She was seven months pregnant.  

Doctors had to operate on the woman in the evening after which she delivered twins but the baby boys were underweight. The doctors handed over the twins to the woman’s sister-in-law Shobha Devi who was accompanying them. They said she must rush to the children’s emergency ward to see child specialists.

The woman couldn’t understand the doctors’ words and threw the babies from the third floor on to the garbage dump. The dump is used for discarded needles, syringes, plastic bottles and other hospital waste.

Witnesses said seeing the woman throw the babies from the widow, some visitors raised an alarm. Hospital staff rushed to save the babies but one was already dead. The condition of the second one is stated to be critical.

“I didn’t understand what the doctors said and thought both the newborns were dead,” the woman told police.

Her brother said the woman has hearing problems and that’s why she couldn’t understand the doctors’ words.  The incident took place while patient’s husband had gone out to arrange for blood for her as advised by doctors.  

“We too are investigating the case,” hospital superintendent RC Ram said.