Coronavirus medics
A medic in China wearing a protective suit and mask before entering an isolation ward Image Credit: Twitter/@XHNews

Following the coronavirus outbreak in China, the country's medical professionals and researchers have been on a constant fight to stop the spread of the virus and treat those who have been infected.

The number of confirmed fatalities from China's coronavirus outbreak is at least 563, after authorities reported 73 new deaths on Thursday.

In its daily update, the health commission also confirmed another 3,694 new cases to bring total to 28,018.

At the forefront of the coronavirus management are China's doctor's and nurses. Videos of medics, from parents staying away from their young children for weeks to getting marks on their faces and bodies from wearing protective masks and gear for days, are going viral. 

Humour helps too

In other videos circulating on Twitter, people seem to be engaging in fun activities to occupy themselves while being restricted to their home. 

And there's always time for some good-natured humour, as seen in these trending videos.