China student
Chinese students gets disinfected Image Credit: Twitter

China, where the deadly coronavirus was first detected, is working to ensure the prevention of a second wave in the country. Now, a video of a Chinese student walking into a school with an elaborate sanitation process has gone viral.

The clip, which has been viewed over seven million times, shows a child undergoing various procedures before entering the school premises.

The video beings with a school worker using a spray to disinfect the child’s shoes right at the gate. He then carefully removes his facemask and disposes it. Next he sticks his hands in a machine that seemingly disinfects his hands before another gadget sprays him with disinfectant in steam form.

The process tries to ensure the child's hands, school bag and clothes have been disinfected before entering the school building.

The video was first posted on TikTok and shared on Twitter. Indian businessman Harsh Goenka, @hvgoenka, were amongst the people who posted it. He wrote: “This is what Chinese schools are doing to avoid COVID[-19]…”

Twitter user @UmbrellaVinyl reacted to the elaborate process: “Excessive but I’m okay with this. It’s a wonderful simple process to stay clean.”

Recently, pictures of students in China wearing 'social distancing hats' also emerged.