A self-driving robot checks a body temperature during its demonstration at the headquarter of SK Telecom in Seoul, South Korea. Image Credit: Reuters

We might not have colonised Mars, as per old movie predictions, but 2020 does feature a self-driving robot in Seoul, South Korea, which is helping combat the spread of COVID-19.

The machine is seen roaming inside the headquarters of SK Telecom Co, South Korea’s largest mobile operator, and scanning people on the floor.

The robot greets visitors in the lobby and checks their temperature. It also dispenses hand sanitiser, disinfects the floor and even alerts those who are not wearing a mask.

Amongst various other features, the gadget, dubbed “the coronavirus prevention robot”, can also detect if people are following social distancing rules and alerts them to "move away" from each other.

A video of the robot in action was shared on Twitter, following which it has gone viral on several social media platforms.

A self-driving robot sanitizes automated teller machines with UV light during its demonstration at the headquarters of SK Telecom in Seoul, South Korea. Image Credit: Reuters

Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 33,000 views and impressed netizens.

Tweep @lee_marquette thought that other businesses can also benefit from similar technology: “All large retail stores should be purchasing something like this now.”

Currently, South Korea has confirmed around 11,590 COVID-19 cases and 273 deaths. The country is currently in the phase of gradually lifting its lockdown.