Anti-coronavirus tent
Mother builds tent for her daughter to study outside in amidst coronavirus outbreak Image Credit: Twitter/@brainboredcom

As China deals with a major coronavirus outbreak, a woman from the Hubei province has come up with a unique solution to ensure her daughter could lead a ‘normal’ life and continue studying.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the woman's seven-year-old child has to attend online classes every day from their rural home in Hubei Province, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus.

The seven-year-old girl, identified as Bi Mengqi has to attend classes outside her home where the internet connection is stronger than it is inside.

Mengqi's mother reportedly walked around the area with her mobile phone, checking where the internet signal is strongest, Daily Mail reported.

Once she found a spot where the connection was sufficient, Mengqi’s mother thought of a unique way to make a temporary ‘classroom’ outside while keeping her protected from the virus.

The woman constructed an 'anti-coronavirus' tent. She reportedly used bamboo strips and a large plastic sheet to create a temporary shelter for the girl to take her lessons.

Cities in the Hubei province have been quarantined and according to a CNBC report, local government authorities are delaying the reopening of schools in China to limit the spread of the virus, parents and institutions have to rely on online lessons.