TikTokers help woman find dress she wanted to rent
TikTokers comes to the rescue of a woman who wants to find a dress she wanted to rent Image Credit: Screengrab from TikTok/@second.life.studio

This week, thousands of TikTokers came to the rescue of a Canada-based woman after she turned to the social media platform with a last-minute request – she needed help finding a specific dress she wanted to rent.

On February 3, posting a picture of the dress, Charlotte Rose, a TikTok user based in Toronto, requested viewers to help if they had the dress in a small size to wear to a wedding. Little did Rose expect the global treasure hunt that ensued.

People from across the world, including popular TikTokers, responded in the comments section to help the fellow TikToker. And, over two million views later, Rose updated that she had finally found the dress through a TikTok comment.

In her first video, which went viral, Rose requested: “Do you own this dress in a size small? I am going to a wedding on February 19 and would like to rent it from you for one night. I don’t want to buy anything new, but I also don’t like the options at many clothing stores, so let me know if you own it.”

The video’s comments section was soon flooded with replies from other fashionistas who hoped that the app’s algorithm would push the video to more people’s TikTok feeds.

Her video has since received over 3.1 million views.

In a later update, Rose said that, on several instances, she had come painfully close to acquiring the dress. But, the commenters were either in a different country or had the dress in a different size.

Rose’s dreams of renting the dress came true when one user wrote: “Hey! I have the dress in S and I’m in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)!”

She finally informed her followers that the treasure hunt that had gone global was a success. “The dress has been secured!” she wrote, adding that she could not believe that half a million people had been looking for the dress for her.

“Out of the two million people who saw the video, there was literally only one girl who lived in Ontario who wore the dress in a small size. I got a few offers from Berlin and Germany and was about to borrow the dress from a girl in LA (Los Angeles) who wanted to send it to me,” she explained.

“A girl in Ontario is willing to lend it to me. I offered to pay and she wants to lend it to me for free, which is so incredibly nice of her, and I have to make a little trip next week to pick it up because she’s about an hour out of town,” Charlotte said.

Dancing to the 1980s Hall & Oakes classic ‘You Make My Dreams’, she thanked everyone and added: “Thank you so much to @AnishaSekand for [her] generosity and to everyone that helped the video land on her FYP (for you page)… she is literally one in a million!”

Many responded by saying that Rose’s eco-friendly trade proves that social media is a beautiful thing that brings people together.

TikTok user @Jenbritain said: “The most wholesome thing I have ever followed.”

And, @KYmomma added: “Tik Tok did it again. I had zero confidence that you would get this dress.”