Southwest Airlines
This photo taken onboard by a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight to Atlanta appears to show the top fin of another Southwest Airlines plane clipped off after the two planes collided, Saturday, July 20, 2019, on the tarmac of Nashville International Airport, in Nashville Image Credit: AP

Nashville, Tennessee: Two Southwest Airlines planes have collided on the tarmac of Nashville International Airport.

Airline officials say no injuries were reported in Saturday night's collision. An emailed statement from Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Michelle Agnew says the winglet of the St. Louis-bound Southwest Flight 1555 "came into contact" during pushback with the winglet of Southwest Flight 4580, headed for Atlanta.

The airline says both planes returned to the gate "under their own power" and were taken out of service for evaluation. The Southwest flights will continue to the scheduled destinations using news planes.

A spokeswoman for the airport directed inquiries to Southwest.