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In 2022, Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo is planning a multi-million dollar renovation Image Credit: Supplied

It is not just their scenic river views, modern accommodations or proximity to downtown attractions. What really sets Courtyard Marriot Paramaribo apart is the excellent quality of its services. With a 90 per cent corporate clientele, they are used to delivering only the best, globally renowned Marriot standards. “When it comes to quality of service we are extremely highly rated, and that is because we have a different corporate culture”, assures Egon Von Foidl, Manager Director at Courtyard Marriot Paramaribo.

For the last 16 years, Von Foidl has been redefining local hotel management by listening carefully to clients’ needs and adapting their services accordingly, collaborating with other hotels in Paramaribo instead of competing and, above all, investing in Courtyard Marriot’s employee development and mentoring. “Our people are completely empowered to make decisions. We put a lot of emphasis on their development, spend a lot of time with each individual staff and make sure they are happy. We are equals. Everybody learns everything and we are all just one. I think that makes a difference”, states  Von Foidl.

With a current occupancy rate of 55per cent, Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo is consistently returning to its 2019 numbers, when it reached 70 per cent. Like all hotels it was affected by the pandemic, but in their case the crisis also brought unexpected new business oportunities providing food and beverages services for the local market. As Mr. Von Foidl explains, they developed new ideas like a Friday fish market, Sunday brunch or Thai and Italian evenings. They also opened an outdoor take-out facility that now works as a drive-through and has had tremendous success.

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With a current occupancy rate of 55 per cent, Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo is consistently returning to its 2019 numbers, when it reached 70 per cent. Image Credit: Supplied

In 2022, Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo plans a multi-million dollar renovation of the property that will completely transform the hotel interiors and upgrade all appliances. “Everything you see inside will be gone, the only thing that will stay are the exterior walls”, highlights the hotel’s Manager Director, anticipating that its new design face will establish the hotel in the highest quality of design and services. “When we are done we will be one of the very few hotels globally on that level”, says Von Foidl proudly.

In the meantime, Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo will continue to offer the best service in the area and contribute to the improvement of Suriname’s hospitality and tourism sector. Six years ago, Von Foidl created “SHATA”, a hotel and tourism association to help hotels achieve common goals. Now, they aim to further improve public-private partnerships so Suriname’s tourism industry can really thrive. “Suriname has awesome potential for tourists who want to have unique experiences. To go to the forests, be a part of real Amerindian or Maroon villages, travel by boat and see all the commerce that takes place in the middle of the river. This is what tourists want and what the country has to offer," states Von Foidl.

Given the achievements Courtyard by Marriot Paramaribo has seen under his management, and his long record of successful experiences worldwide, we certainly take him by his word.