A still image from video released by the Department of Defense shows an encounter near San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unknown object. Image Credit: NYT

The US is facing mounting pressure to reveal evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) following claims by a top former intelligence official.

David Grusch, a whistle-blower and former leader of the Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) within the US Department of Defence, has alleged that the US government possesses “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles.

Grusch, an Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, told media outlet Debrief that extraterrestrial craft has been recovered and kept secret.

While blurry videos of UFO sightings have long piqued public interest, the US government has recently taken a more active role in investigating such phenomena.

If these new reports are correct, it will mark the first time a US government representative has acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial life

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The US Congress established an official task force named the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” task force, to investigate these encounters. However, government agencies like Nasa have consistently denied credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity, often attributing such sightings to natural or human-made causes.

In an exclusive interview with investigative journalist Ross Coulthart, Grusch has now come forth with previously undisclosed information.

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During his time with the UAP task force, Grusch claimed the group was denied access to a crash retrieval programme, which involved recovering non-human origin technical vehicles — referred to as spacecraft — that had either landed or crashed.

According to Grusch, these vehicles encompassed a variety of species. He also became privy to confidential information from other senior former intelligence officers who had confided in him about their involvement in the top secret programme.

Humanity is not alone

Grusch has already provided classified “proof” to Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General, although the evidence has not been made public due to national security concerns.

While Grusch himself has not seen photographs of the alleged craft, he knows intelligence officials who possess such evidence.

According to Grusch, this assessment is founded on the analysis of vehicle structures, material science testing, and the identification of distinct atomic arrangements and radiological signatures. He emphasised that the empirical data unequivocally points to the fact that humanity is not alone in the universe.

Several individuals who had previously worked with Grusch attested to his character, per Debrief. Retired US Army Colonel Karl E. Nell told media that Grusch was a person of unquestionable integrity. Furthermore, a 2022 performance review described Grusch as an officer with an unwavering moral compass.

If these new reports are correct, it will mark the first time a US government representative has acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial life.