Image Credit: Bloomberg

The social media app, which is owned by China's ByteDance Ltd., will be automatically removed and blocked due to security concerns around data collection as of the end of the month.

Canada will bar civil servants from using TikTok Inc. on government-issued mobile devices, according to an internal memo seen by Bloomberg News.

The contents of the memo were first reported by the National Post newspaper.

"This decision was made by the Chief Information Officer of Canada to ensure the security and protection of government information systems and networks," the government said in the memo.

"A review of the mobile application's behavior in relation to the Policy on Service and Digital found that TikTok's data collection methods may leave users vulnerable to cyber attacks."


Canada's ban follows similar decisions by the European Commission and the US Congress. 

Last week, four privacy regulators in Canada also launched an investigation into TikTok over its collection, use and disclosure of personal information "- including whether it's complying with laws when dealing with younger users.

That investigation will also determine if the company is meeting its transparency obligations when collecting personal information, the regulators said.