The emirate of Dubai aims to complete 160,000 hotel rooms by the end of 2020, according to the 2019 Index Hotel Markets Report. Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: Holidaymakers around the world might not have been able to plan their vacation this year, but COVID-19 is not going to stop them from making plans for 2021.

According to Google Trends, online searches for the keyword ‘2021 holiday’ have increased by 124 per cent since the end of March.

A recent survey published by the UK-based luxury travel group Kuoni Travel was able to rank the most searched destinations and uncover where exactly people would like to travel to once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

“To uncover 2021’s most dreamed of destinations, we reviewed data for 131 countries around the world, including the UK, to discover which countries travellers are searching for on Google for next year,” said the travel group.

The World’s Most Searched Destinations for 2021

Through analysing worldwide data, the most popular holiday destinations for next year are:

1. United Arab Emirates

Louvre Abu Dhabi 1-1592727819139
The Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Supplied

Home to the popular tourist destination of Dubai, the UAE was the most searched-for holiday spot for 2021 in 11 countries. Each of the seven emirate states has its own characteristics, but they’re all an excellent destination for some winter sun.

Dubai has a futuristic style with soaring skyscrapers, epic shopping malls and long stretches of beach, Fujairah has some incredible snorkelling spots and Ras Al Khaimah draws beach lovers to its beautiful coastline.

=2. Canada

The Vancouver area offers a fascinating insight into indigenous lives at areas such as Stanley Park Image Credit: Shutterstock

In joint second place is Canada. It’s easy to see why this beautiful country might appeal to people dreaming of wide open landscapes and towering mountains. Popular activities here include camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, kayaking and skiing, and there are plenty of opportunities for whale spotting along the both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver also offer a bustling, cosmopolitan buzz for those seeking an alternative to the great outdoors.

=2. Qatar

Buildings are seen from across the water in Doha Image Credit: Reuters

Topping the 2021-related holiday searches for eight countries, Qatar is another Middle Eastern destination that showcases an exciting blend of cutting-edge modernity alongside lively traditional markets and souqs.

=2. USA

Statue of Liberty in New York City
Statue of Liberty in New York City. Image Credit: AFP

Alongside Qatar and Canada in second place is the United States of America, a country so vast and varied it can suit getaway dreams for any kind of holidaymaker. Popular destinations include Florida with its dazzling theme parks, buzzing Las Vegas, soulful New Orleans and New York City, a city with one of the world’s most recognisable skylines. The combination of these eclectic places makes it clear why this is such a popular choice for 2021 breaks.

5. Egypt

REG 200202 GIZA-1580806387429
The pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The most popular 2021 destination for six of the countries we reviewed, is Egypt. This heritage-rich destination is bursting with captivating historical monuments such as the world famous Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, and the temples in Luxor. There are also beautiful beaches and a vibrant underwater world to explore in coastal resorts like Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.