Instagram launched new stickers to combat online bullying Image Credit: Screengrab

Photo and video-sharing social networking platform, Instagram, has launched a new feature to combat bullying and they are doing it in a colourful and fun way.

Instagram has launched a “Create Don’t Hate” (CDH) interactive sticker globally designed to help people reject bullying on their accounts and embrace positivity.

How does it work?

Users can add two types of stickers when they upload a story. One has the words ‘Create don’t hate’ and the other one is a picture of an open mouth with hearts coming out of it, symbolising positive speech.

When a viewer lands on a story with the CDH sticker, the tooltip will be there to show it is tappable. When the sticker is tapped, a message is triggered at the bottom of the screen that talks about Instagram’s commitment to fighting online bullying and options on how to use the sticker.

“Instagram is taking a stand against bullying. What people say online can hurt offline, too. Help us keep Instagram a safe place by using this sticker to stand up to bullying, support a friend or spread positivity on Instagram,” it says.

Instagram 1
The stickers can be added to stories Image Credit: Screengrab

Previous efforts

Previously, Instagram launched a “Restrict” option globally. This tool allows the user to block bullies without them knowing that they are blocked.

The restricted user will remain added as a friend in the user’s account and could see all their comments on the user’s profile. However, the comments of the restricted user will not be seen by other followers of the user. Also, once you have restricted the bully, you will not receive any notifications of their comments.

Are you going to be trying out the new stickers?