What is it?

We’re always on the move, and so are even more prone to forgetting things: keys, phones, bags, kids? A Danish company called hippih believes it has the solution for those momentary blackouts. Using Bluetooth and tethering it to a little device you can attach to anything, the hipKey will sound you off when you’ve strayed too far.

How does it work?

The hipKey is shaped like a bitten cookie with a little loop to which you can use to attach to a key chain or a bag. It’s tiny enough to slip into your children’s pocket or bag pack too. Now, you will need either an iPhone or iPad to download the free app, which is then paired via Bluetooth. When you’re ready to activate, just press the power key on the hipKey and you’re good to go.

You can choose three different modes for alerts – an alarm mode, which will set off an alert when your key goes beyond a pre-determined distance; a child mode, which goes off when your child wanders off and a motion mode, where the key will beep if your belongings have been moved. You can even set a safe zone, when you’re home, so the alarm won’t sound when your child is, as children often do, running amok. The volume of the alarm can also be controlled, and like all other settings, is adjusted via the free app.

The hipKey charges via a microUSB.

When is it available and for how much?

The hipKey is now available in the UAE on tejuri.com for Dh360