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Why do Apple’s iPhone users need to spend thousands for a new Android phone when it can be done in less than one-third the cost of a new device without ‘jailbreaking’ or violating rules?

China-based Haimawan, one of a leading companies specialising in mobile operation system virtualisation products and technology, has launched a new hardware (phone case) — Mesuit.

It is the world’s first and only one smart hardware that runs Android OS on iPhones in the form of an app and supports one-key hot swapping.

The case is like a real phone without a screen and camera. The Mesuit case is powered by Mediatek octa-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage capacity. It has a built-in battery to give additional seven hours of talk time and a slot to insert an additional SIM card.

Mahesh Kumar, Managing Director of Dubai-based, the distributor for Mesuit case in 14 countries, said that the case is right now available only for iPhone 6 models.

He said that the case for iPhone 7 will be rolled out soon.

“Carrying a Mesuit case is like having two phones without the extra weight. Its sleek and classy design and innumerable advantages will make it irresistible to iPhone users,” he said.

Mesuit for iPhone 6 and 6S comes with 1,700mAh battery while the Mesuit for iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus sports a slightly larger 2,500mAh battery. It runs on the Mesuit OS 1.0 based on custom Android OS, based on Android 5.1 version.

The iPhone users can slip their phone into the case and down the app from

The best way to download the app is via Safari as I tried with Google and Internet Explorer and failed.

The disadvantage of the case is that it does not have a SD card, HDMI, or full-size USB ports.

After downloading the app and turning the Bluetooth on, your device is ready to be used either as an iPhone or as an Android phone. The case can easily be connected with the iPhone via the lightning port.

The app is very user friendly and it shows the usage of battery, memory and storage capacity of the phone as well as the case.

It leverages on home device’s dual-SIM, dual-standby features to offer users with simultaneous access to all functionalities of the two types of smartphones. The use of one device also greatly reduces the issues associated with having two smartphones.

The additional 16GB of storage space gives users the ability to transfer photos and videos from the phone into the case with a simple tap.

The Mesuit case for iPhone 6 and 6S is priced at Dh699 while the case for iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus is priced at Dh749. The case is approved by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of the UAE.

If this is possible, then an Android case that lets you run iOS is not far away.