Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Liverpool star Mohammad Salah has donated an ambulance unit to his home village in Egypt, the local mayor has said, the latest generous act of support from the 28-year-old footballer to his home country.

Salah, a native of the village of Nagrig in Egypt’s Nile Delta, is noted for his charitable deeds.

Mayor of Nagrig Maher Shetyah said that Salah had fully paid the cost of the facility estimated at 250 million Egyptian pounds (Dh56.8 million).

“The village was in need of the ambulance unit that was recently inaugurated,” the mayor told Egyptian television late on Saturday.

Nagrig has a population of 20,000. The donation comes amid a surge in coronavirus cases in Egypt where a total of 74,035 infections and 3,280 deaths, have been reported.

Salah, a practising Muslim, has also donated for building a religious institute next to the ambulance centre. The institute will cost 19 million Egyptian pounds.

In recent years, Salah has made many donations to his home village and other areas in Egypt. A charity foundation named after him has been set up in Nagrig, 120 kilometres north west of Cairo, offering financial support for poor locals. The foundation also assists those who cannot cover marriage costs.

He has also donated to a Cairo-based hospital treating children suffering from cancer.

Salah is widely regarded as a symbol of hard-earned success and humility in his homeland. Youngsters are often seen wearing T-shirts emblazoned with his image.

He was instrumental in Egypt’s qualification to the 2018 World Cup in Russia after a 28-year hiatus.

Last month, Liverpool won their first English Premier League title.