London: Jurgen Klopp has condemned “disgusting” racist abuse aimed at Mohammad Salah and called for lifetime bans for the Chelsea fans accused of taunting the Liverpool star.

A video circulated on social media ahead of Chelsea’s Europa League match at Slavia Prague this week showed a group of six supporters chanting “Salah is a bomber” repeatedly.

Egypt forward Salah, who played for Chelsea before joining Roma in 2016, is a practising Muslim and has previously faced abuse about his religion.

Chelsea’s security staff identified three people in the widely shared video and denied that trio entry to Thursday’s clash in Prague.

It is understood that the remaining three people in the video did not attempt to enter Slavia’s Sinobo Stadium for Chelsea’s 1-0 quarter-final first-leg victory.

“It’s disgusting. Another example of something which should not happen. We should not see it as a Chelsea or Liverpool thing,” Klopp said. “If you do something like that you should not be able to enter a stadium again, from my point of view, for life.”