Dubai: Dubai Fencing Club (DFC) has honoured its top players during the past sporting season.

The awards ceremony was held at the fencing studio of the Quay Health Club at Mina A' Salaam Hotel on Wednesday June 10.

Congratulating the club members, Mihail Kouzev, Founder & President of DFC, expressed his appreciation for their support. "Through your hard work and dedication, you have all achieved a high level of skill in the fine sport of fencing."

Awards were given to the following members: Adult Epee advanced fencer Best Advanced Male Epee Fencer Erik Schultz; Best Advanced Female Epee Fencer Hala Beselah; Most Improved Advanced Male Epee Fencer John Hall; Most Improved Advanced Female Epee Fencer - Csilla Tornallyay; Adult Foil advanced fencer - Best Advanced Male Foil Fencer -Nicolas Bede; Junior Epee advanced fencer; Best Junior Male Epee Fencer Joe Gazalet; Most Improved Junior Male Epee Fencer - Mohammed Abu Aly; Junior Foil advanced fencer; Best Junior Male Foil Fencer - James Nieuwland; Junior children advanced fencer; Best Advanced Junior Boy Fencer Adam Gazalet; Best Advanced Junior Girl Fencer Noor Farhat Most Improved Junior Girl Advanced Fencer Jasmine Farhat; Adult Epee beginner fencer; Most Improved Male Beginner Fencer GB Zumpe; Most Improved Female Beginner Fencer Frances Barton; Junior Epee beginner fencer; Most Improved Junior Boy Beginner Fencer - Grant Rafferty; Most Improved Junior Girl Beginner Fencer - Alexandra Lee Marshall; UAE National advanced fencer; Best UAE National Advanced Male Epee Fencer HH Hamdan Al Thani; Best UAE National Advanced Female Epee Fencer Maimunah Abdullah; Most Improved UAE National advanced Female Epee Fencer - Eman; Mohammed Murad UAE National Fencers beginner; Most Improved UAE National Male Beginner Fencer - Moath Bin Hafez.