Conor McGregor Image Credit: AP

Dubai: He smashes up his opponents’ faces for a living and now ‘The Notorious one,’ Conor McGregor, plans to smash a Guinness World Record with the help of his dad, Tony McGregor and three-year-old son Conor ‘Jack’ McGregor.

Together, the McGregor clan will get into a brand new €3 million Lamborghini yacht and attempt to break the speed record for a lap around Ireland. The UFC star’s luxury yacht, a 24 ton, 63-feet long beauty, can reach a top speed of 69mph (60 knots) and boasts 4,000 horsepower with its pair of 24.2-liter V-12 diesels.

Although it has yet to be delivered, McGregor is already making sensational plans on how he plans to use it.

Taking to Twitter, McGregor said: “We are aiming for the finish of yachting season 2021. Around August, September. With it I will set the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest time to lap the Country of Ireland by Power Boat’

“That is my goal with it. I will do it with my son and my father.”

In response to the Tweet, McGregor Sr, took to Instagram to say: “And we mean to go on, and on, and on and on”.

Used to gruelling fights in the MMA Octago, McGregor is well suited to the gruelling mission of circum-navigating Ireland. The speed record for the 704 nautical course around Ireland by a powerboat is 18 hours and 12 minutes.