Tennis and padel fans should head to Aria Sportscape Academy which is located in Dubai Investment Park 2. Image Credit: Harry Grimshaw / Gulf News

With all four tennis majors producing thrilling encounters once again this year, it is unsurprising that the sport is on everyone’s lips. Many are keen to give the game a go, however, due to the scorching summer heat of Dubai, it is probably best that you are indoors before you pick up a racquet. The good news is there are several academies in the Emirate where you can channel your inner Novak Djokovic or Iga Swiatek.

Aria Sportscape Academy has a distinct advantage – the head coach at the multi-level high-performance indoor air-conditioned academy is none other than former professional player Magali de Lattre. She was ranked number 1 in Portugal and UAE in several categories and is now on hand at the Dubai Investment Park 2 venue to teach you the ins and outs of tennis and padel.

Aria Sportscape Academy offers plenty of programs for people of all ages from as young as 4 and can also assist with players harboring aspirations to become professional players. Private lessons with highly-skilled coaches who are currently training ATP players in the top 100 are available. These classes focus on developing the athletic potential of all players as well as advising them on other aspects to improve their game including exercise drills and ways to adopt a healthier diet.

Meet new people

Group sessions are ideal for those wishing to socialize and meet new people all while running around on the courts. The facility features two tennis courts, 1 padel tennis court, changing rooms, lockers, and showers too.

Aria Sportscape Academy features two tennis courts, 1 padel tennis court, changing rooms, lockers, and showers too. Image Credit: Harry Grimshaw / Gulf News

Aria Sportscape Academy had one goal in mind when it opened its doors two months ago and that was to give people access to a world-class indoor tennis and padel facility. It has already attracted high-profile names such as former world number 2 Paula Badosa who used the facility to train ahead of the recently concluded US Open.

Moreover, it is the ideal place for people to come and have fun with their families and friends and make new friends. “Here, you can practice your game, and most importantly you can stay fit and active,” says Magali. “The atmosphere at the academy is energetic and contagious and everyone who walks through the doors is treated like they are part of the Aria Sportscape Academy family.”

Improve your game

With 9 singles career international titles not to mention being the only female to win an international tournament in Syria, she has all the skills and experience to help you improve your game. “I decided to stop my professional tennis career in 2011 to focus on bringing the joy and passion I have for the game to children and adults in Dubai, UAE,” says Magali whose highest ranking was 334 globally.

“My knowledge and love for the sport was something I knew I had to pass on to anyone willing to pick up a tennis racquet. And I’m proud to say that Aria Sportscape Academy is the place where I get to do just this.”

Magali de Lattre is one of the coaches at Aria Sportscape Academy. She was ranked number 1 in Portugal and UAE in several categories.

The emphasis is on ensuring everyone has a good time together in an active environment. “We understand the importance of meeting like-minded people,” adds Magali. “It’s a place where you meet up with friends, and make new friends all while enjoying the game you love. With activities that keep you on your toes such as padel tennis, we keep you busy with a smile on your face.”

Padel boom

There are over 250,000 new padel players every year and the game is now also booming in the UAE. It was born in Mexico in 1969 and then spread to Argentina and Spain before becoming popular in Europe. “It’s a game that encourages people to get involved,” she says. “A bit of healthy competition has never hurt anyone.”

Apart from private, semi-private, and group tennis and padel lessons, you can also rent a tennis or padel court at Aria Sportscape Academy. It offers packages on lessons as well as after-school group programs for kids while tournaments and leagues will be running throughout the year for children and adults.