For quick lessons and conversations, try a podcast. Image Credit: Unsplash

It helps to know you are not alone at sea – or in parenthood for that matter. Sometimes, it’s acknowledgement, other times commiseration or just a bout of conversation that can make all the difference. We asked UAE-based mums about who they turn to when they need some advice on dealing with everyday issues – here’s a look at the five podcasts they recommended.

Motherhood Sessions

Recommended by: Indian expat Archana Mundhra

No one is going to tell you it’s easy to juggle motherhood and office, but there are some tips that can help. In this podcast, Dr Alexandra Sacks, a psychiatrist, speaks to real women facing everyday struggles – everything from career uncertainty to ambivalence about being a mother – and helps them work through it all.

Zen Parenting

Recommended by: Indian expat Archana Mundhra

In these sessions, emotional mum Cathy Cassani Adams and practical pop Todd Adams discuss mindful parenting and how to raise a calmer child. Mundhra explains that these conversations by the self-help gurus can be quite insightful.

Big Life Kids podcast

Recommended by: Algerian expat Houda Ghediri

A growth mindset needs to be nurtured over years and lessons in development can only help. In this programme, Leo and Zara explore the world and teach kids strategies on how to develop themselves. To add inspiration to the mix are real-life stories of people overcoming the odds. (“Each episode is reviewed by a licensed therapist to ensure that each episode is not only entertaining for children but also offers valuable psychology-backed lessons and strategies,” explains its website.)

Janet Lansburry – Unruffled

Recommended by: Swedish and American expats Meghan and Rebecca

Looking for practical advice on dealing with specific problems? This is the one to listen to. Mum-of-three and parenting coach Lansburry has a positive parenting approach. “It’s all about positive parenting and loads of tips on how to parent and trying to understand the kids at the same time,” explain Meghan and Rebecca, who run the Instagram account @justtwomums.

The Warrior Academy Podcast

Recommended by: Alison Rego

Alison Rego is a firm believer in character building, and she finds that this particular podcast by the founder of a martial arts dojo of the same name really helps. The show, which features experts from various mental and physical well-being fields, deals with topics such as improving kids’ confidence and even resetting your relationship.

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