Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

There is a joy in the written word and often books that get overlooked in our digital world, a place where we seem obsessed with the instant, the image and video clips. But those who value books know that there is nothing quite like sitting in a quiet corner, leafing through pages, sharing the dreams and experiences of the writer, and slipping into an imaginary world shaped just by the words and phrases falling from sentences.

The reality is that the joy of reading can be experienced by anyone. And that’s a reality Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has recognised by its launch of a new global cultural campaign.

‘If you’re into something, you’re into books’ is the slogan being used by the SBA and it does manage to underscore the full reach of the written word for all. As the SBA notes, whether you are a gamer, musician, athlete, biker, or fashion enthusiast, … there is a book for that. It highlights that apart from popular genres including books on research and academics, people can find books catering to all interests. No matter how simple, strange, or rare the topic, books are available on them and are waiting to be discovered. And that’s the joy of the world of publishing.

This is a unique campaign, one that is truly international in scale and one that emphasises the global reach of publishing and its importance in our daily lives regardless of where we call home. The SBA campaign has been launched globally, and it is the largest of its kind. The authority has also launched the campaign simultaneously in both Arab and wider international cities, adding significance to the global reach of this campaign.

This innovative and imaginative initiative by SBA has been launched in written, audio and visual formats and is also being presented in the native languages of many countries — again positive reinforcement of the way books touch each and every one of us regardless of where we live.

The SBA campaign is confirmation that books and words tie us all together, allowing us to share stories, cultures, heritage and the manner in which the written word can alter our relationship with each other and the word.

Regardless of our creed, colour, age, cultural or socioeconomic background, there is a commonality that unites us. Our imagination and knowledge are expanded through every sentence or image that jumps from a page.

How satisfying is it to learn something new with each page, expand our life skills and experiences with each chapter. And for that, SBA deserves full credit.