Celebrating languages - The International Mother Language Day, announced by Unesco, is celebrated on February 21. Tweeps took the opportunity to promote multilingualism as an integral part of their national identity while others advocated for their languages to be recognised.

@UN: “Languages are who we are. Protecting this identity is a matter of human rights! Tues is #MotherLanguageDay http://on.unesco.org/2lKUIbU @UNESCO”

@Padmaza: “Proud to read, write and speak in my mother tounge - #telugu. #MotherLanguageDay”

@AlisonBlakeFCO : “On Int’l #MotherLanguageDay, was proud to go to the Shaeed Minar to honour those who gave their lives on 21 Feb 1952 for #Bangla language.

@officeofssbadal : “Let us vow to preach, propagate and respect our mother language as it represents who we are. #MotherLanguageDay”

@Divya_ambitious: “#MotherLanguageDay Learn as many languages you can it is the best mode to understand the culture of people. Brings New prospect to your life.”

‏@HofSwitzerland: “Bonjour, Grüezi, Bongiorno, Bun di! Today is #MotherLanguageDay and multilingualism is an integral part of Switzerland’s national identity!”

@Bond_Jay_Bond: “Love your mother tongue. Respect other’s mother tongue. Happy world #MotherLanguageDay!!! @PMOIndia: Make my language - #Kannada official!”

@AmitV_Deshmukh: “Language is the essence & soul of the society. Celebrating the richness of languages & cultural unity this #MotherLanguageDay”

@StevenBird: “Celebrate UN International #MotherLanguageDay today – learn how to greet your neighbours in their mother tongue! #IMLD #bilingual #diversity”