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What you need to know

  • UAE resident discusses how dogs are a man's best friend.
  • A Dubai resident discusses artificial intelligence and whether it will be too intrusive?
  • A school pupil urges people to use science and technology for good, not to create chaos.

I really don’t know what possessed me the day I finally relented and consented to bringing Misty, a dog, home. Was it the children’s loneliness in our new neighbourhood or was it Misty’s lovable puppy antics? At the onset let me say that Misty is a blessing on most days and an absolute nuisance on others. However those days are few and far between.

Misty is a Pekingese puppy and is easily the most difficult breed to take care of. She is almost five years old but refuses to shake her paws or simply just fetch a ball. All this is beyond her and she just gazes blankly at you when you try and order her around. When you give up, exasperated, she comes to you, ball in her mouth, ready for you to play with her.

She knows her limitations as a tiny dog but has a big personality and when she comes face to face with a bigger breed in the dog park, she immediately starts a small growl, which grows to a small bark. She is warning everyone that her petite looks are deceptive and that she is quite capable of looking after her own interest. Often have I seen bigger dogs eye her with amused condescension, but Misty is oblivious. The whole purpose of taking her to the park is so that she can socialise with her own kind, gets defeated. She is simply not interested.

Every time we exit the house and leave her behind, her woeful looks and sad eyes almost make us change our mind. Hours later, when we show up at the house Misty is there to let out tiny little yelps of pleasure at our return. Each one of us is given a special welcome as she dances a merry little jig at our feet. There is absolutely no trace of rancor at our disappearance only pure unadulterated joy at our return .This is unconditional acceptance and love .

She has very few possessions to call her own. She has a few toys, her feeding bowls, cushions and her kennel. She is so blissful at home. She shows how it is possible to be content with our lot. She values family and is the happiest when she is with hers either at home or in the outdoors. She is alarmed when strangers enter the house and trembles and shakes uncontrollably in our arms but still barks and performs her duty and succeeds in scaring the wits out of many unwary visitors. We are always tripping on her as she is very tiny but for all this, she completes us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai