Recently, the world’s entire focus has been set on the infamous Thai cave story where 12 boys along with their coach were trapped because of heavy rains and flooding. In a bid to get the boys and the coach out of the depths of uncertainty, several rescue operations were held as cave divers from various countries were present to save the boys and bring them home.

Today, as boys have been rescued, several people from around the world have been critical that coach Ekapol Chantawong, is the main person that is to be blamed as he was the one who led them into the cave in the first place. However, some people have a different opinion as many people even call him a hero for taking care of the children for almost two weeks with hardly any resources.

Moreover, numerous media reports claimed that Chantawong - who was previously a monk, had taught the children to meditate to save energy as well as not move around too much to avoid exertions. The main reason all the children are still mentally and physically sound after ten days in the darkness is because of the coach. He helped toughen the children in this deadly situation.

Finally, this story should be considered as a learning lesson to all the people around the world. We should appreciate the bravery of the various divers who are inevitably the unsung heroes. Above all, we even need to start recognising the coach’s bravery and that he is an unsung hero.

If he had not managed the children in this situation, all the efforts of the divers would have gone in vain. Today, the coach has taught the public a vital lesson in life, to keep a positive mind in a negative situation.

-The reader is a freelance writer and resident of Dubai