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Rabee O. Morra:

Influence plays a huge factor in these things and people should simply let go of this continuous judgement and bandwagon-like approach when they launch personal attacks on others.



Cultural appropriation is not a simple problem of people liking things of other cultures. It involves history and power dynamics.


Cultural appropriation isn’t when you partake in other cultures. That’s literally not it you all, there’s a whole power dynamic and a conversation of appreciation vs. turning cultural fashion into a costume.


…Is simply wearing a traditional and culturally significant outfit with the pure intentions of appreciation still considered #culturalappropriation? This “scandal” that caused an uproar in the US has done little to anger people actually living in China.


I love @NICKIMINAJ, but they complain about cultural appropriation... and then chun-li. Just live! We are humans! We can learn and love everything! Just enjoy culture! Enjoy what humans can create



Hold your favourites accountable whenever they pull problematic...


I absolutely love that people enjoy my culture. I love seeing people take interest in our food, flavours, holidays, etc. My only hope is that if you enjoy any part of a culture, you also educate yourself about what’s happening to its people. Please treat all cultures with respect, leave the costumes at home.