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Social media users praised certain aspects of popular culture but also highlighted the downsides and cultural consequences that come along with the ideals and individuals it promotes.



The Simpsons is a great example of ‘reversion to the mean’. None of Homer’s children are as dumb as he is. #Statistics #PopCulture


I’m psyched to see @KrisJenner and listen to how someone you think is dumb has made a lot more money than you. #popculture


Sorry but I really don’t get why people like pop culture in general. It’s all very shallow and dumb to me. A big nothing. #PopCulture


Paul Joseph Watson

Kanye may not be the most eloquent person or have the perfect message. But simply having authenticity and amplifying a message that the high priests of pop culture don’t control is what terrifies them.

Stacey Amelia Gilchrist

Remember when comedians did COMEDY and college students set the pace for pop culture? I wish we could get back to being smart and funny instead of irrational and boring...



Yes, it is dumbing us down to some extent. Celebrities talking about complex issues is an over simplified manner is dangerous. People no longer feel the need to follow up and fact check but instead take a lot of baseless information for face value.