Working moms
New mothers should be made comfortable in their workplace Image Credit: Stock images

When I went through the news and read a piece about helping breast-feeding mothers, I felt like a dream had come true, (“Support breast feeding mums make the work place productive”, Gulf News, December 3).

I went down memory lane. I went back to the time when I had resumed work after my maternity leave, and was put through mental and physical pain. There was no concept of making separate rooms for new mothers to relax in.

In those days, new moms either took many unpaid leaves or gave up breast feeding. When these steps didn’t work, they were left with no choice but to resign and break their financial support to the family with mental agony.

Gone are those days as now, a few organizations and companies are providing facilities for nursing mothers, and I appreciate Gulf News and this initiative.

In my opinion, breast feeding is the best source of nourishment, which is God’s best gift to a child. Now working mums who have given birth have got all the facilities they need.

If all the organisations provide this lactation support facility it will be helpful for new mothers. It will not only increase employee retention and lower absenteeism but will also boost morale, confidence and ultimately have a positive effect on an employee’s happiness in the company. It’s one of the best perks not only for new mothers, but will also attract young professional enthusiastic girls who are making decisions on their future. I am looking forward to the day when there will be nurseries in organisations, too.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai