We are living in the age of constant change and competition. From skyscrapers to reaching for the stars, everyone wants to be the first in the queue. But what about healthy living? Is concrete living the best for us or should we go back to our roots and live like our ancestors did? Nowadays none of us really give any thought to what is happening inside of our bodies. Physical appearance has been giving utmost importance. We spend half of the day at work, breathing in the same concrete space and wonder why we fall sick so often. Does anyone remember learning about photosynthesis at school? It was a big complicated word back then, but it left an impact on me.

I always found gardening quite intriguing. I decided that I should transform my work space into something that could keep me happy and healthy. It wasn’t easy because I didn’t know much about plants. All I knew that growing plants was something I’d like to try. I took care of one of my colleague’s plants after he left the country. So I took charge of caring for them. Just like that, I now have about eight plant pots right here on the side of my window.

They welcome me every day as I begin my day at work. These plants may be small but they do a lot of work along with me. They filter the air I breathe and make me healthier. I believe that little changes go a long way. So why can’t we do such small efforts for ourselves? The world needs a reminder that planet Earth isn’t an ageless beauty.

As time goes by, our Earth is dying. No castles would be worth living in if it’s suffocating. So when your work space becomes blue, and you have caught a nasty flu, we should plant the greens and breathe air that’s clean.