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An invisible tragedy ­— Peru is experiencing natural devastation, with deadly floods and rainstorms bringing life in the equatorial country to a standstill. Twitter users shared images from the country and asked: Why is the world ignoring us?

#PrayForPeru was the top worldwide trend on Twitter yesterday as social media users highlighted the plight of the country.

@dizzeeklipling: “Look at the magnitude of this disaster, and it’s happening all over the country! Please #PrayForPeru”

@kindlyharryst: “Just because Peru isn’t as big as other countries doesn’t mean they don’t need help! #prayforperu”

@JimenaGutman: “Guys this is real, this is happening. We’ve never experienced storms! We need help! #PrayForPeru”

@whateverdnk: “I’m just a Peruvian trying to make people know what we are dealing with. It’s really shocking and sad and we need support #PrayForPeru”

@vivienebigtasin: “#PrayForPeru I would like to extend my prayers for the people in Peru.”

@spreadlovenow96: “Media talked about France, US etc when sad stuff happened but when it’s about a small and developing country, people barely care #PrayForPeru”

@F_ZainabQ: “So scary what’s happening. Devastating effects of climate change right in front of our eyes, and we could be next #PrayForPeru.”

@Aranzacme: “This never happens. RT and tag people to spread the word. #PrayForPeru”

@ladiescod: “This is so abnormal, unnatural, unusual, you name it. Lightning never happens here. #PrayForPeru”

@OmggSophie: “Unbelievable. #PrayForPeru”

@JimenaGutman: “@cloballbennet Update: 500K affected around the country/ 20 of 24 states in emergency alert #PrayForPeru”

@hartcito: “#PrayForPeru Everybody around the world gotta know about it man. Actually, Peru needs a lot of help from other countries.”

@fateleeds: “Legit our city is falling down with tons of water we need help #PrayForPeru”

@queenofnublar: “Peeps, my country is going through a hard time right now.

Floods everywhere, classes were cancelled and it’s raining a lot. #PrayForPeru”

@JovenesKeiko: “Thank God, we have the Peruvian army ready to help.”

@phanie_mm: “#PrayForPeru pray, pray and pray. Okay, but I don’t see tweets of people donating supplies for the families who were affected by the storm.

— Compiled by Huda Tabrez/Community Web Editor