This refers to the news that the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, wants Indian expats to donate a month’s salary to help rebuild Kerala that was destroyed due to the floods early this year.

However, this might not be possible. A majority of the Keralites living overseas, earn a bare income wage and do not get many benefits. Non-Resident Keralites have no privileges when approaching for any government services in their home state, and over the years, various governments continue exploiting them without realizing the struggle they go through, to make ends meet. The current global economic situation is not making it easier.

For example, these Keralites have been demanding a reduction in the airfare between Kerala and the different Gulf countries for decades. None of the governments have seriously paid attention to this matter. The Indian ministers make promises whenever they visit other countries but no one follows up with the promises. No action is ever taken. The expatriates earn their salaries and while they keep this money in accounts back home, they do not get any returns for their savings. When these people go back to Kerala, there is no government organization to take care of their welfare. They deserve a decent life with their families back home.

These outstation Keralites, in my opinion, have done their part in helping the situation back home, when the floods had started. Their support in the form of donations will never go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the government only relies on its people in the time of crisis.

- The reader is a resident of Oman