Wildlife conservation is certainly the need of the hour as many animals, are going extinct.

A new study confirms that the breeding population of leopards in Cambodia has declined by 72 per cent in the last five years. We need to show a more serious attitude towards saving animals and preserving their habitat, rather than destroying Nature’s equilibrium.

Why does man kill animals when he too is a living creature? The primary reason is greed. His greed is not only limited to food and animal by-products but also leisure and game. How selfish are we?

We must remember that animals too are living beings and deserve to live just like we do.

It is predicted that, most fauna we see today will be wiped out from the surface of our realm within decades or might just be even years.

The best way to conserve wildlife is to create awareness. This can be done by putting up posters, banners, conducting debates and other competitions especially in schools pertaining to the idea of conserving wildlife. We could employ methods of spreading these ideas through television and newspaper advertisements.

As students, we can always contribute by putting up awareness charts on notice boards, not buying animal products and discouraging others from buying these products. We should also raise awareness about the issue of using animals for testing and research purposes. It is never too late for us to put a check on our own activiities. We need to stop crimes like poaching and hunting before it is too late. Let us join hands for this.

- The reader is a student based in the UAE