You have to comply with authorities

If you go abroad and travel by air, every person whosoever he may be, is subject to thorough checks at the airport as per the guidelines prevalent there (“Passengers held up at Abu Dhabi airport after Air India Express flight delay”, Gulf News, April 1). In his own country, the passenger may be a celebrity or a star, but for the country he is flying into, he is just a simple traveller. Should a person care so much about his self-respect or feel bad about standing in a queue? If he or she is, then they should refrain from coming to that country the next time. The sole purpose of a thorough checking of a passenger at an airport is so that nothing negative enters the host country. The growing global terrorist threats have prompted the airport authorities to resort to such rigorous and severe searches. Passengers need to cooperate with the authorities.

From Mr Shiben Krishen Raina


An unfortunate incident

It’s unfortunate and disturbing that the CBSE question papers for Grade 10 Mathematics and Grade 12 Economics was leaked in Delhi (“How UAE schools averted retake of CBSE exams”, Gulf News, April 2). Around 2.7 million students have been affected worldwide. It’s the failure of the CBSE to conduct fair examinations. They have played with the lives of millions of students. The paper leakage was in Delhi and it impacted all the other stories. Previously, the CBSE exams were conducted in four zones and with different set of question papers but this time, there was one set of question papers for all of India. The stress and trauma is not only for students but also for their parents. The government should conduct a proper inquiry and punish the culprits, and make sure these types of incidents do not occur in the future.

From Mr Eappen Elias


The great Easter message

We all know that we live in a world of suspicion, fear and mutual disrespect (“Pope celebrates Easter under tight security”, Gulf News, April 2). The whole world is balancing itself on the sharp edge of a sword. Any fall will end up in the total collapse and destruction of the world. We need peace in the world to live happily and die peacefully. Instead of spreading friendliness and camaraderie between nations the world leaders are trying to take advantage of the troubles which are going on. It is time we followed ways of peace to have a better world.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel


How the mighty have fallen

It is heartening to note that the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI), was more severe than the Cricket Australia when it came to punishing both cricketers Steve Smith and David Warner from the Indian Premier League (IPL) (“Apologetic Warner resigned to never playing for Australia again”, Gulf News, April 1). Though Smith was inconsolable during his interview in Australia, any amount of tears, apologies and pledges for forgiveness was not going to wash away his sins. What they did on the field is nothing but cheating, and is totally against the spirit of the game. There is absolutely no doubt that they have shamed themselves, their nation and above all the game of cricket. At the same time, we feel really sorry for their parents. All three players have been banned. But still, the Indian Cricket Council (ICC) seems to be biased. As averred, the mighty must fall if the game is to preserve its purity.

From Mr N. V. Krishnan


Cricket or corruption

Though late, we are happy that the Australian Coach, Darren Lehmann, has decided to quit his post after the final test at Johannesburg. Probably that was the understanding he had with Cricket Australia, after he pretended to be a saint in the shameful act at Cape Town. Better late than never. I hope to see a well-disciplined coach who could ensure that his team plays cricket in the true spirit of the game!

From Mr N. Viswanathan


No kitchen, no heat

So if you are not given benefits, do you have to kill a baby (“Maid sentenced to death for killing baby girl”, Gulf News, March 27)? All of us are working hard, but that does not mean that we have to do something bad. People who do such as crimes are sick and are dangerous for society.

From Ms Marya Yancu


Facebook comment

Illegal drivers are increasing

It is really unfortunate that the Abu Dhabi police have detained 866 illegal drivers during the last year (“866 drivers detained last year for driving without licence”, Gulf News, March 27). It is obvious that these errant drivers have not realised the impact of endangering other drivers on the road. It is to be noted that underage children have been allowed to drive by their parents and this is atrocious as they want them to have the training, free of cost. Most of the culprits get away because a driving license is required to be shown only during an incident. The police should monitor and inspect driving licenses at random in places of high traffic and this could deter the defaulters. In case of juvenile offenders, the parents should be taken to task. Also we can create awareness in schools about avoiding the urge to drive before obtaining a license.

From Mr Murugesh S.S. Sivam


Medical negligence in India

There have been many incidents like this in the past and this is sad (“Two-month-old baby who was denied stretcher dies in hospital”, Gulf News, March 28). Despite the deaths, the hospital authorities should periodically monitor the items to cater to the needs of the hospital. The state government should periodically check government hospitals and premium hospitals. Patients of any gender and age should be taken care of, in my opinion. Among all professions, a doctor’s profession is very great and doctors should take care of the patients without blaming the conditions. They should be supported with full infrastructural facilities. The Bihar Chief Minister is known for his governance and should address this call immediately. I hope in the coming days things may improve and patients should be treated humanely.

From Mr K. Ragavan



The end is very near

This comment is directed at people with no environmental awareness, and I’m hoping it would make a difference. Can we please stop acting like we have another planet to live on? Do people really think that our plastic bags are going into thin air? Our oceans, seas and environment is dying because of us. How hard is it to turn off the power when you don’t need the lights? Indifference is what will be the cause of our extinction. The end is closer than we think. The polar ice caps are melting and we will run out of potable water!

From Mr Saeed Al Banna


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