World, wake up!

I really want to understand the need for using so much plastic (“Waste disposal fees in Dubai from mid-May”, Gulf News, February 9). Wherever you go, you get a plastic bag with your purchase. One is not even bothered by the amount one is using. We are in a world where the need to cut down on plastic is pressing, so why are we being so ignorant? I sincerely hope people consciously start thinking about the side effects of using such products.

From Ms Anisha Shetty

Abu Dhabi

No place for bookworms

It’s very disappointing to find just a handful of bookstores in the city. It is much more appalling to see that some have been shut down and replaced by make-up brands and fashion retail outlets. The massive bookstore in one of Dubai’s large malls is my only solace and it has a large variety of books. Other bookshops have a limited assortment of books and the outlets are only available in a couple of malls. There is not much to satisfy a booklover’s cravings in the city.

From Ms Ameema Rahil


Foundation for the future

The construction of the proposed temple in Abu Dhabi was launched during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and this was a dramatic development (“Abu Dhabi temple construction to start after three months”, Gulf News, February 12). This is one more milestone in the relationship and friendship between India and the UAE. The temple proposal was granted by the Rulers of the UAE and this speaks a lot about the country’s secular nature. They give respect to other religions. Above all, the personal rapport Modi has created with the Rulers of the UAE is commendable.

From Mr K Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Wrong players chosen

It is really shocking and surprising that team India wanted our ex-captain cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni to be explosive on the field, but his poor form with the bat has hurt our team, which looked to clinch the elusive first series win in South Africa (“Rohit runs into form as India post a challenging 274/7”, Gulf News, February 14). To be frank, our selectors should be ashamed of themselves because they continue to pick the so called ‘blue-eyed’ boys, like Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya, who are proving to be a real liability for the team, not Dhoni. In fact if they rest both Pandya and Sharma, and include Manish Pandey and Axer Patel, there is a big chance of us creating history in South Africa.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


A cry for help

I think I do not get enough sleep and this seems to be effecting my work and my life. No matter how much I tell myself to sleep early, it never happens. I get only five to six hours of sleep, and I’m groggy and unfocused at work the next day. I wish it was easy to get more sleep but there is so much to do in a day that I’ve never managed. I’m going to try and get into a routine. Not getting enough sleep is only affecting my health, no one else’s.

From Mr M. Sikka


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