Negative news from Pakistan

I want to know why Gulf News continues to publish such reports (“Teenager burnt alive for refusing marriage proposal”, Gulf News, June 2). Does the newspaper mean to defame Pakistan? Everywhere, there is defamation of Pakistan. Gulf News should take notice of things, and cannot express its own views while calling it news. Hundreds of women are not being killed in Pakistan. I am Pakistani and I have not seen that happen. Every now and then, bits and pieces of such news are published by Gulf News. Why? The newspaper is always promoting India, even though the country has so many cases of rape. Why doesn’t the newspaper highlight that?

From Ms Huma Rafiq Malik

Abu Dhabi

Hotline call

Gulf News does not defame or promote any country. It reports facts. About 1,100 women lost their lives in honour killings in 2015, and 1,000 in 2014. The figures are by Pakistan’s independent human rights commission.

In 2011, human rights groups reported 720 honour killings in Pakistan. Amnesty International’s figures are much higher. Over 4,000 cases were reported in Pakistan between 1998 and 2004. The advisor to then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had said that in 2003, as many as 1,261 women were murdered in honour killings. Add to this, the many cases that go unreported.

While none of us like reading such articles, the fact remains that unless they are published, cases like these will continue and the perpetrators will go unpunished.

Gulf News

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