What is the essence of Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most awaited month among people in the Muslim community. Preparations to welcome this month start days before the month begins. This is the practice usually followed by Muslim households. In our childhood we saw lots of cleaning and tidying happening, some healthy food items being bought and preserving energy to get through the night and the special prayers. I saw my grandparents keep cash in different denominations to give to the less fortunate. Observing the act of compassion instils the true value of Ramadan in the minds of children. At the onset of this month, this magnanimous act symbolises the spirit. When we fast we feel hungry but we learn how to endure it patiently and devotedly.

From Ms Shemeem Shafeeque


Great decision!

The revolutionary, landmark decision of the UAE government to give 10-year residency visas was the recent development from Dubai (“New visa rule in UAE: Magnet for investments, talent”, Gulf News, May 22). This decision will create history in the global scenario. This will boost Dubai’s trading and international relationships with other countries. Already, the UAE is going to have the Expo2020 here, and this new move will add one more feather in their cap.

From Mr K. Ragavan


Growing opportunities

This is wonderful news. That is the right way to grow opportunities in Dubai. It is really the land of opportunities, more than other countries nowadays. This is great news and I give my best wishes to the UAE.

From Mr Yousuf Noor Al Deen


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Easier visa procedures

This is awesome news. The UAE is the place to invest in. I hope they will also ease the procedure for the sponsorship of parents, too. This would make our life much easier.

From Mr Jawad Sherwani


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Politics and petrol

Keeping in view the Karnataka state elections, oil companies in India were advised to stall the daily increase in petrol prices (“Petrol prices highest ever in Delhi, Mumbai”, Gulf News, May 22). Now that the elections are over, oil companies have hiked the prices of petroleum products, which are affecting the budget of the common man. Recently the price of oil was Rs84.40 (Dh4.56) per litre in Mumbai, and this has been the highest since 2013. This is definitely not going to be the end. The crude oil bogeyman seems to have made a comeback to haunt India. With international oil prices going up, the day is not far off where we may have to shell out even Rs100 per litre of petrol. Imagine the correspondent increase in cost of day-to-day essential items, especially vegetables, which is high presently too. The common man is definitely going to tear their heads to survive. Ironically, neither the central government is reducing its tax nor is the state government reducing its Value Added Tax (VAT). It is high time the Indian central government took some steps to arrest this trend.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Dirty politics in Karnataka

The Karnataka governor has evidently based his decision on the most important point that the people who polled their votes did not know the surprising post-poll alliance of two enemy camps (“Karnataka defeat ‘shakes’ BJP confidence”, Gulf News, May 22). In a democracy, people are supreme, even the Supreme Court cannot and does not interfere when the people exercise their rights and opinions. If the two parties had formed such an alliance before the poll, then the governor, Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala was duty-bound to recognise the total votes held by both the parties and ask them to form the government. The alliance between both parties after the poll was clearly to ensure that the Bhatatiya Janta Party (BJP) does not come into power in the state, which is against the people’s verdict since they gave maximum votes to the BJP though technically the number does not meet the rules or guidelines for formation of a government. It was here that the governor evidently used his constitutional discretion. The post-poll alliance between two opposing parties, to defeat the verdict of the people, is a murder of democracy!

From Mr J. Krishnamurthy


Give credit where due

This is with reference to your report about the Mumbai Indian team’s fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, praising him about his plan to plot the downfall of cricketer K. L. Rahul and also their captain who were boasting that they played a perfect game (“Bumrah enhances death-overs reputation to keep Mumbai alive”, Gulf News, May 18). Yes, it is easy to boast after winning a cliff-hanger game. In fact it was the follies of the King XI Punjab team’s think tank, which paved their way to victory. Come on Mumbai Indians, give credit where it is due and be gracious in admitting your failures and your defeat.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan


Keeping it the same

I called Gulf News two weeks ago complaining about the decision to remove the comics section in their supplement, The Views. However, I am glad to see that the comics are back. I also like how Gulf News has combined the Business and Sports section. Congratulations to Gulf News on getting them right. Now, please don’t make any more changes for some time!

From Mr Michael Ian Philpott


The water of life

One cannot imagine life without water. It is heartbreaking that tens of thousands of people across the globe, even today, do not have access to clean drinking water, while some other areas suffer from severe drought and water scarcity. The declining water levels are a serious cause of concern not just for these affected countries, but for everybody and this why it is important that efforts are made to conserve water and prevent wastage. There will be a time when water will become the most precious of all things and minerals. We should work hard today so that our future generations do not face a water crisis.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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