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Social media users discussed politics as India’s state elections unfolded and Pakistan’s government shared the details of spending on foreign visits by Prime Minister Imran Khan in the first three months. The riots in Paris were also widely talked about online.

RDS_181215 Weekly trends - State elections

India state elections

Social media users in India eagerly waited for the results and supported different political parties in India. While some shared quirky memes as the state elections took place this week. As the elections progressed, Congress got the majority in states that caused a major blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


@VORdotcom: BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] losing state elections is good for the nation. All political parties, established and start ups, now know that people are done with Hindu-Muslim politics. People just want development based politics. The focus for 2019 will now shift to progress. India is ready for it. Finally.

Ambani wedding

RDS_181215 Weekly trends Ambani

Isha Ambani, the daughter of Asia’s richest man — oil-and-telecom tycoon Mukesh Ambani, got married this week and Indians as well as social media users watched what could possibly one of the world’s most expensive weddings ever. While many shared pictures of the festivities, the Ambani family and the celebrities that attended, many weren’t happy with how extravagant the occasions were. [Twitter]

@Saisailu97: I agree people have the right to do what they want with their money, but Isha Ambani’s wedding is a perfect example of the wealth inequality in India. Here you have one of the richest families in the nation spending so much while millions still can’t even afford food or shelter.

RDS_181215 Weekly trends Yellow vests

Yellow vests

Protestors in Paris, France, termed “yellow vests” had tear gas canisters fired at them by French riot police as the demonstrated agasi the high cost of living and taxes in the country. Since the protests have started, hundreds of people have been detained and nearly 8,000 police officers have been deployed in Paris. Social media users from the city shared pictures and videos from the ground.


@hakan_pelit1: Paris protests: Violence in the streets of Paris escalated as French riot police and protesters wearing masks and yellow vests clashed for the second weekend in a row over rising fuel taxes in the country and has now included demonstrations against cost of living.

RDS_181215 Weekly trends Human rights


December 10 marks #HumanRightsDay, social media users discussed the importance of equality, health and the inclusion of women in society. Tweeps also used the hashtag #standup4humanrights to talk about different issues that they face in their respective countries.


@AsieduEdmund: Let’s celebrate the International Human Rights Day! Remember, #Disability Rights are #HumanRights.

RDS_181215 Weekly trends Imran

Pakistan PM makes costly trips

Social media users talked about Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first six foreign trips costing Rs40 million in three months. Khan paid two visits to the UAE and Saudi Arabia and also visited China and Malaysia during his first 100 days of the government.


@amirhayatkhan: Prime Minister Imran Khan, after taking oath, has so far been on six foreign trips despite initially stating that he would not go on any foreign trips for the first three months.