RDS_181208 Weekly Trends - National Day
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As the UAE marked it’s 47th National Day the celebrations extended to the online realm. Users also advocated for people of determination and conserving wildlife. India’s External Affairs Minister made a visit to the UAE and it was widely discussed.

RDS_181208 Weekly Trends - National Day

UAE turns 47

The UAE celebrated it’s 47th National Day on December 2, Sunday. Social media users expressed their love for the nation, shared posts about their experience living in the country and the ways that they are celebrating the joyous occasion throughout the extended weekend.


@Sara2lj: Happy National Day our beloved UAE, we are so proud and honoured to be part of this great country! May God bless our leaders.

RDS_181208 Weekly Trends Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3 is marked as United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities. More than 1 billion people in the world live with some form of disability, as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Social media users discussed ways to integrate people of determination into the mainstream as well as highlighted the different issues they face,


@PublicAlliesIN: One of the challenges that people with disabilities face: “People fear what they don’t understand.”

RDS_181208 Weekly Trends Priyanka-Nick

Priyanka-Nick Indian ceremony

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas have been widely discussed online in the days that led up to their wedding ceremonies. This week, they tied the knot in India, having two different themed events. One ceremony was carried out in the Hindu style and the other, Christian, They also had a reception in Delhi.


@Mahaddaacad20: It took 1,826 hours to make her wedding dress. Nick Jonas and Priyanka’s wedding pics are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas...

RDS_181208 Weekly Trends - Wildlife
An Arabian Leopard paces in the shade at the Arabian Wildlife center(AWC) in Sharjah. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

World Wildlife Conservation Day

It was World Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4. Netizens talked about how to protect animals, especially endangered species across the world. They also highlighted what human beings have been doing that might harm animals and what needs to be done to improve such conditions.


@jpas0123: December 4 is World Wildlife Conservation Day, to raise awareness, contribute to the conservation and protection of endangered species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers, and fight wildlife crime such as poaching. Be a responsible consumer and help stop illicit wildlife trade.

RDS_181208 Weekly Trends Sushma

Sushma Swaraj visit

Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister of India, arrived in Abu Dhabi on Monday, December 3, for a two-day official visit. Along with Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Swaraj announced the Gandhi-Zayed Digital Museum that she will reportedly inaugurate. Social media users appreciated the relationship between the two countries.


@gauravgkk: I must say that @narendramodi and @SushmaSwaraj have worked very hard to improve relationships with the UAE.