To Gulf News, with love

I wish Gulf News a very happy birthday and many returns of the same (“A new journey begins at 40”, Gulf News, September 30). As we celebrate our birthdays just a day apart, I was reminiscing about the strong and unbreakable bond we have shared through these years.

You were the first thing that introduced me to this country when I landed here as a new apprehensive bride, 25 years ago. You familiarised me with the culture of the country, the traditions and norms of the people here. You helped instruct me on the rules, regulations and laws of the place. You helped me find my first apartment and a new job for my spouse when he decided to quit his old one. At a time when the Internet was not that popular and when social media was unheard of, you kept me up-to-date with what was happening in my beloved home country. You helped me feel less homesick. As an avid reader, far away from my favourite books, the articles, features and stories you provided were not only enough to quench my thirst for reading, but have played an immense role in improving my vocabulary, writing skills and general knowledge. You were of great help in finding the best doctors in town for my children. Through you, I came to know about the interesting places to visit and events to attend, not only in UAE, but all over the globe. Every day you made me aware of the developments around me, be it a change in laws, an opening of an exhibition, a road diversion or even the start of a mall sale! I will always be grateful to you.

Because of you, I have never known what boredom is. I miss you greatly when I go on vacations, as the rendezvous with you every morning has become an integral part of my life. I have found great pleasure and exceptional comfort in our close friendship and sincerely hope to continue the same for many more years.

From Ms Sajida Kamal

Abu Dhabi

Leading by example

This week was the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Gulf News. In my sincere view, the approach and the dedication shown by the newspaper towards its audience, local and global, in terms of spreading internal news. It has been achieved successfully. The coverage of news is widely and every country is given a representation and exposure in the paper. In this opportunity I would like to convey an appreciable and respectable message to your company. May Gulf News be successful, always.

From Rasiah Tuah


Learning through Gulf News

I want to wish Gulf News a very happy birthday. The paper has enlightened me in many ways. Hailing from India, I never knew about problems taking place in other countries of the world, like in Syria, Yemen and other regions. I wish peace to all those who are suffering all around the world. You have raised and solved many civic and community issues. You make my Friday’s a treat. I love the Friday Magazine and I have learnt a lot from it. Best wishes and wish you many years of reporting.

From Ms Priya Ram

Bur Dubai

A very good article.

A similar report shall be prepared for the elderly people of Pakistan and other countries (“Dubai elderly honoured on International Day of Older Persons”, Gulf News, October 2). It is shame for the leaders that when they want to vote, they will visit and respect public and once they become Prime Minister they forget all promises and people in need. India and Pakistan are rich in resources. Country management shall facilitate people in need with basic necessity of life. I wish, our governments will work for the benefits of people, as democracy is by the people for the people.

From Mr Mohammad Altaf

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Disaster after disaster

Indonesia should brace itself to face the natural calamities that have currently destroyed a lot of the country (“

Indonesia calls for international help to deal with quake-tsunami”, Gulf News, October 2). The set of earthquakes struck off the Dongala region, Central Sulawesi, with the strongest one being 7.4 in magnitude, last week. It even caused a caused a tsunami, which has made the situation there worse. Though the official figure says that around 832 people have lost their lives, it is feared that thousands have perished because of this disaster. The death toll could rise in the coming days.

Risk of disasters are a part of daily life around the globe. But Indonesia is at the highest risk, due to its geological location. The country will always be prone to natural disasters and its people will always be at risk. Over 200,000 people have lost their lives when the tsunami hit.

Rescuers have been trying to reach out to the trapped victims in collapsed buildings, but due the blocked roads, broken communication, damaged airport and lack of heavy machinery, they are finding it really difficult to do the rescue operation and provide aid to the affected areas.

It will take a long time for the pieces to be put together and for normalcy to return to those caught in the tragedy.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

A race towards new intelligence

This article is to create an awareness on the expected changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) will introduce in all walks of life within the next five years, which makes it mandatory for educational institutions to revamp themselves (“Abu Dhabi launches 5-year plan for Smart Cities and AI”, Gulf News, October 3).

The current education system is driven by an age old teaching techniques driven down through generation and necessary modifications done by various institutions.

Future jobs will be driven by AI. This is because many traditional jobs in all walks of life will become obsolete and new jobs will be created by AI. The topic should be a mandatory subject in educational institutions. Schools should plan to adapt the technology in classes. Teaching mechanisms should change and children should not be left behind in the race of race of Artificial Intelligence.

From Mr Sooraj Padmanabhan


Let’s talk peace

Both countries have faced loss and destruction, yet it is sad that if Pakistan is extending a hand towards peace talks, and India backs out, it shows India lacks tolerance and Pakistan has shown greater tolerance here (“India acted negatively by cancelling meeting of foreign ministers: Fawad Hussain”, Gulf News, September 23). It’s never too late India, let’s grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk peace?
From Mr Raffi Aman Mohammad


Arrest the guilty

The arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal by the Kerala police is a welcome move and we hope the victim will get justice. The culprit should get a maximum sentence as per the Indian Law (“Bishop Mulakkal remanded in judicial custody until October 6”, Gulf News, September 25). Hopefully, other victims will also open up against the bishop and will get justice. Even though there was no support for the victim from the Kerala Catholic church, we should appreciate the nuns who fought for justice. Mainstream political parties in Kerala did not support the protest, which lasted for 14 days. The government should call a judicial enquiry to find out why the unnatural deaths occurred in convents all over Kerala for the past three decades. At least the Catholic Church should condemn Bishop Franco, and he should be dismissed from pastoral services.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Holding people accountable

It is heartening to know that a landmark verdict has been passed by the Supreme Court of India that political leaders or outfits which call for agitations or protests should pay compensation for public properties, damaged by their members. Though there was such a ruling earlier, the same was never implemented. I hope the courts would be strict enough to take action against any erring leader, irrespective of party affiliation, religion or caste, in the future. If this is implemented, the happiest people will be “Aam Aadmi” or the common man. Their tax collections are squandered by these politicians in one pretext or other. Only time will tell whether this verdict has any teeth.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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