The festivities are unforgettable

The 45th UAE National Day is a reminder to us all that amazing success can be achieved through wise leadership, good governance, unity and commitment to hard work. I have a treasure trove of memories to share of my wonderful life in this great country, however, among the most unforgettable is one from many years ago. Being able to participate with my school in the colourful, multicultural carnival parade down the Dubai Creek and the park as part of the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. It was extra special as I saw his His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, walk past us and I managed to take a photograph of him and some officials accompanying him. Also, over the years we became an important part of the preparations of various activities held in my school and experienced along with the people the outpouring of love and enthusiasm during National Day celebrations.

From Ms Umbereen Rahman


My life began here in the UAE

I have so many spread-out memories that will remain with me forever and I will treasure these moments that I have spent in this beautiful country for the past nine years. I thank the authorities for all the wonderful things and facilities they have done and made this beautiful place a happy place for all of us to live. I am happy to be a resident of the UAE. I love and adore the structure and I have so much respect for their heritage. I also love the lifestyle from desert safari to jet skiing, off-roading to quad biking, concerts, shopping and festivals, especially sitting out on the Abu Dhabi Corniche and watching the sea and stars. I love living in the UAE because it’s a land of opportunity and luck. People who landed with nothing have become something here. Moreover, here every human is respected and considered very special. It’s the most peaceful country. This makes it the just-like-motherland country for so many expatriates. I have special memories and associations with the UAE as both of my children were born here and I started off my family and my professional life.

I love the UAE and on this auspicious day of celebrating 45 years of success and tranquility, I wish you all and the whole nation a very happy 45th National Day.

From Ms Maheen Abbas

Abu Dhabi

Striving for more

I came to Dubai in November 2006. I remember being amazed by the towering landmarks and bright lights of this iconic city of the 21st century. Even after a whole decade has passed, this amazingly young country never ceases to amaze me. Today, the UAE is a global success story and a regional model of progress for which I am proud to be a part of its workforce. What strikes me most is that over the years the authorities have been working hard to achieve social development to improve the quality of life of its residents.

From Ms Emma Suba


Never forget the memories

I remember before the UAE was formed by the union – I was six years old. Later the beautiful Ras Al Khaimah was added, making it the seven wonderful emirates. I have seen National Day events on television for nearly 15 years and I attended it once in Dubai. It was very colourful, lively and full of entertainment. All the emirates celebrate this great day. School children participate and the army parade is most spectacular. The police department’s participation at sports events are one of the main attractions and the cycle parade will add to this. Dubai-based world famous Emirates airline participates as well on this day. Many will be rewarded for their achievements.

Even though I am not there physically, my mind is wishing the UAE people the very best in the coming National Days for peaceful living and prosperity in all areas. My memories won’t go easily because a lovely remarkable memory will always be with us.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Born on National Day

For me, December 2 is something personal. My second son was born on this day in Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah in the morning. It coincided with National Day. It’s a lifetime memory for me.

He turned 8 today and we will celebrate with the nation.

From Ms Sasi


My best National Day…

Change your mindset and you change the world and learn to live! The UAE National Day for me has always been memorable and exciting as it brings in loads and loads of surprises not only from the various malls and outlets, but with interesting events and ventures, too.

I am in charge of the environmental group at my school, so for National Day I organise interesting outdoor activities for my students in the way of field trips and campaigns.

The most memorable National Day I would like to share was spending time at the National Day giveaway at Al Noor Special Needs School two years ago. I cannot forget the beautiful conversations, the laughs and the fun times spent and seeing the talent in the children there. The children there are extraordinarily special with amazing skills and gifts from God! Each day they teach us something new. All we need is to change our perspective!

From Ms Anjum Hassan


Living in harmony

Happy 45th National Day to the people of the UAE. It’s our home away from home. This place has made our dreams come true. People from all walks of life and from places near and far come and stay here. You can find people working in all fields of work from pilots who fly us to and from our countries to this wonderful land, to the people who devotedly work to build the skyscrapers and keep improving the infrastructure of this beautiful place. From the gardeners to the cleaners and to the high rank managers – each and every person seems to cherish the chance they get to come and improve their lives here. Once we go back, we all will not only carry an amount of money earned, but also the memories of being welcomed by our hospitable hosts. We are blessed to have got a chance to celebrate National Day with the people of the UAE. The best part is irrespective of what country we belong to, what religion we follow or what language we speak. We all live together in harmony in this beautiful country.

From Ms Anju Chatwani


So modern, yet so cultural

The UAE is a nation that has taken leaps and bounds in the process of modernisation. While opening itself to the world, it also takes great pride in its own heritage. I fondly remember visiting several fairs and events organised by the authorities showcasing Emirati culture on National Day. These initiatives provided an opportunity to be acquainted with aspects of the traditional Emirati way of life. They also facilitated intercultural interaction that helped broaden horizons.

From Ms Aasha Eapen


Driving the UAE

For my family and me, our best memories of the UAE National Day is an outing with the whole family. We would all sit in one car – a family of nine people! We would travel to different places to watch the fireworks. One time we had planned to go to Abu Dhabi and with our luck we were stuck in traffic on the way and had to get down in the middle of the road to watch the fireworks!

Those were times when traffic was unusual in UAE life. In fact, the Dubai to Abu Dhabi road was just a two-lane road!

Other than that, we’d go to Dubai Creek to watch the fireworks. That was something we’d definitely do!

From Ms Maheen Jafri


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