Victims of atrocities

I was really shocked when I read the report on Syria, and the related images and videos were difficult for anyone to watch (“Syrians families ‘gassed to death’ in Douma”, Gulf News, April 9). They are a disturbing and shameful reality check for humanity. In reality, the actual number of civilian deaths probably would have been much more than the reported reach and count. I wonder how either side would justify these deaths and celebrate victory once the conflict is over. If the report is genuine and confirmed by responsible agencies, it proves that humans will go to any extent to win. Even as the world calls for the complete eradication of nuclear and chemical weapons, civilians in Syria are becoming victims of such atrocities.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Lives lost

It’s sad that Syria has now turned out to be an experimenting ground for weapons that seem fit for the next World War. Someone is making money out of this unjustified war! They will all pay for these innocent lives.

From Mr L. Martin


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Those poor people. Who pays to rebuild their country after all the destruction caused? It’s just wrong. Surely there is a more humane approach to deal with conflict.

From Ms Antonietta D’Antonio


What about the future?

I would like to ask a couple of things. If such atrocities happened with our children, what would we do? And if a man’s wife and children are killed in this way, what kind of man would he become in the future? May God help them.

From Mr Mohammad Zaman

Al Ain

One world

What’s with this violence? Why can’t we all just live a happy and content life? We are all humans, we all deserve to live. Stop this cruelty!

From Mr R. Maq


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Silence speaks volumes

The world is suffering a lot. Not only because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.

From Mr Imran Sarker


Abrupt end

Horrible! A treaty is needed to control the various grades of chemical weapons out there. It is horrific that civilians are dying. Rescue workers in Syria reported finding at least 42 people dead in their homes following this attack.

From Ms Jyoti Prakash Mitra


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Completely heartbroken

This is not right. No child should experience this. I don’t care about the politics or religion involved. This shouldn’t happen. We have failed these children. I’m so heartbroken.

From Ms Mace Francisco


Prayers for those suffering

Stop this war! It has lasted so long. Many lives have been destroyed. How many more people should die before the United Nations (UN) says enough is enough? The world has become a jungle, where no one cares. God save the Syrians, save their children, save their mothers. May He bring an end to this genocide of the Syrian people. My prayers for the families of the deceased and their loved ones.

From Ms Kelly Davis


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Ready to fight, not kill

We cannot conclude who did what, but what we can do is just hope that this stops. It is horrible that innocent people are dying. The UN needs to stop this, countries need to come together to say that if nations really want to fight, they can do so, but away from innocent people.

From Mr Arim Klinpratoom


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