NAT_151103_FLAG DAY Four years old Saeed carryies a huge flag near sea of UAE flags at flags garden in Jumeirah kite beach as part of UAE Flag Day celebration on Tuesday morning. Photo: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Symbol of respect

As the UAE is a home away from home and I have great respect for this esteemed country, as well as its Rulers, laws, heritage, culture, monuments and national symbols. I have made it a point to instil such values in my children from a very young age, so that they know their duty towards the country, by honouring its laws and respecting its culture. As far as national symbols are concerned, a country’s flag is the most recognisable and respected symbol there is. As we celebrate the UAE Flag day on November 2, the visionary leaders of the country deserve a big salute, for maintaining such a harmonious atmosphere at all times, despite the presence of many nationalities of various cultures, languages and beliefs.

From Ms Sajida Kamal

Abu Dhabi

An emotional connection

I have an emotional attachment to this place as I was born and brought up here. The way the government and the people treat you here is commendable. This place has given many people its bread and butter. Today, I plan to dress in traditional clothing, decorate my car with UAE flags, go out with friends for a long drive, click pictures and maybe eat some Emirati food. Let’s also not forget the several events happenings around the city on the day.

From Mr Salim Mohammad


Remembering the beginning

Flag Day is the day people of the UAE remember their architect, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s Founding Father, for his vision and foresight. All the Emirates will be celebrating this day and will pay their respects to the late leader. Flag Day also denotes the country’s feelings of justice, peace, tolerance and prosperity for all its people. I have attended this function on two occasions. The flag also represents the greatness of the country, to accommodating thousands of expatriates for a bright future.

From Mr K Ragavan


The spirit of unity

Flag Day is celebrated to show unity among all people across the UAE, irrespective of nationality and their allegiance towards the great country UAE. The UAE is very unique as it manages to maintain peace and harmony among its people who come from more than 100 different countries. This day is celebrated by hoisting the UAE flag in my work place, and giving respect to the country, the flag which represents the country as well as the Rulers of this great country. I have lived here for more than two decades and have spent my time peacefully at home, as well as at work, and it is time for me to say goodbye, as I am 60 years old and am just one day left to retire. I have great respect for Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAE’s Founding Father, for his vision for improving the life of many expatriates. I also thank the present Rulers for maintaining his legacy, and for continuing on the same path to achieve safety, peace and harmony. Long live the UAE.

From Mr R. Narayanan


A home away from home

The UAE flag is a symbol. Not only is it a symbol of the unity of the seven emirates that came together, but for me it is a symbol of growth. The amount the country has grown is truly astronomical in nature. From a place on the map to a major destination hotspot in the world, it is astounding to observe the amount of globalisation and modernisation the country has undertaken. The UAE flag symbolises the ability for a foreigner to identify themselves as one with a country away from their own home, as it has truly become for my family. It is a country that cements its nationalism with everyone that lives within it. On this day, my children learn the true heritage of a country that we have called home for the past 20 years and hope to do so in the long future ahead.

From Mr Sukirt Sabharwal


Respect the flag

It is important to respect a country, which has given you things in plenty. It’s time to pay our dues in the form of a tribute to its flag. Celebrating Flag Day is one indication that you are humble, thankful and recognise what the country has done for you. We celebrate this UAE Flag Day. Being from the field of education, I make it a point to teach the significance of the UAE flag to all the children in my school. They understand that we need to respect the flag of a country by not mishandling it. Be creative and draw the flag and colour it, which is what I teach all the children in my school, in order to make them aware of the importance of this day. It is importance that we teach the coming generation the significance of each colour depicted on the flag. I request everyone to hoist one at home.

From Ms Sudha Kathuria


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