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Showing our support, making a difference

Being educated about the implications of my choices and decisions has always been important to me. With global warming on the rise, every one of our choices will have an implication on the environment. At a very young age, I made the choice to make sure that I’m environmentally aware and I motivate my friends to be the same. I believe Earth Hour is a very simple way to help save the environment. In 2013, I founded a student volunteer group called Miracle Dynamos that works for the betterment of society. Every year, around 15 students, including me, from Miracle Dynamos volunteers with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) to ensure the smooth running of the fun-filled festival and walkathon that is organised by them to mark Earth Hour in Dubai. If simply switching off lights and coming together for an hour can make a change, then I believe that it is our responsibility to do our bit and save the environment. The city of skyscrapers, Dubai, consumes thousands of kilowatts of electricity per day and Earth Hour is the perfect way to conserve electricity and prevent climate change. As global citizens, we can make an impact on energy consumption and can reduce the effects of ozone depletion. I can’t wait to be a part of the walkathon organised by Dewa today and witness the unusual but breathtaking switching off of lights in Dubai for an hour.

From Ms Disha Bobby


Our Earth, our home

Earth hour is significant, only if we try and conserve electricity all year round as well. Human beings waste electricity every day. Simple things like closing the lights in the room when you leave, switching off the air conditioning, and saving power are choices we can make every day, but unfortunately, no one does this. People are lazy or think the issue is not grave enough to fix, which explains everyone’s casual attitude towards global warming and climate change. The concept of Earth Hour was created to raise awareness among people to conserve energy and save electricity. The Earth is our home and we are destroying it. Despite the many social media debates, awareness about climate change and easy, accessible research, people still do not take any steps to prevent the unnecessary wastage of electricity. Let us pledge to practice this all year round and do our best to save the planet.

From Ms Alia Mathur


Work together to solve wastage

It is imperative to understand the significance of the need to conserve electrical energy. Unlike other forms of energy, this one requires action from everyone. Conserving electricity comprises two major steps: One is to avoid unnecessary usage and the other is to optimise the necessary. We need to install sensors wherever possible and ensure the smooth functioning. Every day during my walk in the nearby park I see lights glowing until seven in the morning. We need to have a habit of identifying the extra usage in our household and in the office, make a list of them and eliminate or reduce the same. Similarly, in flats and buildings, the unnecessary usage of lifts can be avoided. People should also learn to avoid lifts to the maximum extent. In every household and office premise, the energy saving LED lights should replace the conventional high energy bulbs. Although this is happening in some places, the pace can be increased through more involvement and commitment. Having an energy audit is not rocket science. Proper monitoring and challenging ourselves to reduce our bills every month will teach us more than the internet and media ever could.

From Mr Murugesh SS Sivam


More change needed

Today, social media is playing a vital role in the society bringing people closer and exchange day-to-day happenings on a global level. To my knowledge, through social media, people have become more aware of global warming and climate change because of published research. I have been seeing and watching many of my friends and students who often talk about global warming and climate change in my city. This is purely because of the influence of social media and its information. Apart from social media, many individuals are spreading the message of global warming in meetings and going to areas to campaign. Today, the knowledge of climate change and global warming has considerably increased mainly through social media because everyone has access to information. Certainly, in the coming days, more awareness is needed. More awareness will result in change.

From Mr K Ragavan


Earth Hour

Why do we restrict ourselves in terms of saving electricity? Why don’t we have a larger goal of saving the Earth from various types of wastage of resources? What do you expect by observing one hour’s of electricity reduction? With the kind of brutal pillage of earthly resources taking place, it is not enough to take some small action that has a minimal effect, if any. We are just fooling ourselves that’s all. This subject is too vast to discuss in a letter.

From Mr Ajit Lamba


Just a one-day thing?

Earth Hour is being celebrated today and it is just a symbolic exercise. Only sincere efforts by each household can translate into proper energy-saving practices in a meaningful way, not just by turning off lights. Modern technology has introduced a variety of energy saving lamps in the market, which have proved to be quite efficient with their minimal electricity consumption. Offices can opt for dimmed lighting wherever possible and encourage staff members to turn off the lights when they leave offices unless there is a necessity. Corporate companies could install self-reflective signage, and logo on their buildings, thus eliminating excessive consumption of electricity. With the help of modern technology, buildings can also be installed with sensors that monitor the intensity of the brightness inside the halls and offices and thus automatically regulating the requirements of lighting, resulting in optimum utilisation of electricity. People who are physically fit should also be encouraged to use the stairs instead of elevators. This can contribute to additional savings on energy.

From Mr Esmail Mohammad


Prrotect our planet

I think Earth Hour is a great initiative and this year it’s being observed on March 24, from 8.30 to 9.30pm. This is the eleventh consecutive year. With each passing year, it is gaining momentum and millions of people are joining in. As usual, at home we switch off all electronic gadgets and make our children understand and learn more about saving energy, and the importance of this day. For me, every hour should be Earth hour in a way. We should switch off unnecessary lights, minimise the use of electronic gadgets and contribute, in our own way, to the cause. This awareness will develop a new culture to conserve energy, preservation of natural resources and protection of our environment. Also we can pledge not to use plastic and should reuse items in our daily life. This should be a part of our daily life and let us protect our mother Earth for future generations.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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