Students need to be active

The bitter truth is that physical education is not given the same importance as other subjects at school. Despite recent developments in the world, there are seminars being conducted at schools regarding the growing importance of physical education and why it has to be given equal importance, but it just hasn’t been implemented. All schools focus on completing the syllabus on time and extra classes are also conducted for the same, while physical education classes are usually held only once a week. When those classes are exchanged by staff members, who prefer to complete the syllabus, is when we get agitated. Sports is necessary. It has its own merits. This issue has to be sorted out as soon as possible in order to make students active.

From Mr Shafar Niyaas


Physical activity is key

As a student in the UAE, I believe that physical activities must be given equal or perhaps greater importance in comparison to academics. Realising the need for a healthy body to house a healthy mind, which is capable of absorbing knowledge and good values, the school environment must cater to the need for an increased number of sports initiatives to boost children’s interest in that field. At a time when addiction to technological devices is growing by the day, improvement in physical health is key to a healthy and happy future.

From Ms Anagha Rajesh


Start early on

We live in a world full of technology. Lazy children only use these gadgets, instead of going out for a run or even a walk. This issue is prevalent in the UAE, too, as many children are now suffering from obesity. It is time all schools let children play at least once a week and make them enjoy the world of different sports. It is time for children to adopt a healthy lifestyle, right from their early years.

From Mr Harry Krishnan


Stay focused

Physical health is very important. Children should spend ten minutes doing breathing exercises and 15 minutes doing physical exercises every morning at school. This would help them concentrate, stay fit and focus.

From Mr Karim Esmail


A healthier future

Good health is imperative to a good life. With the increase in the use of gadgets, such as phones and tablets, by children, their physical activity has reduced and obesity is on the rise. If physical education is given importance in school, at least that would make it compulsory for children to indulge in play and other physical activities. They would get many benefits from exercising daily and slowly it would become a part of their routine, which they can continue even after they are done with school.

From Ms Heena Manish Kapoor


Qualified teachers needed

Our life should be balanced. There should be time for family, spiritual reflection and for us to keep healthy. Eating healthy and being active should be a part of our lifestyle. Thus, physical education lessons for students is important for their overall growth, clearing their minds and having fun. Schools should hire qualified teachers who know how to engage students, teach them the importance of physical exercise and about healthy eating and its long-term consequences.

From Ms Lora Campagnolo


Playgrounds for toddlers

It is necessary to include physical education into a school’s curriculum. But, I think it is more important to provide playgrounds for toddlers.

From Mr D. Robin


All work, no play

Physical education teaches our children that, in life, work is not the only important thing, but there should be play as well. Physical education should not be limited to ball games, schools should incorporate swimming, too.

From Mr Pangkay Ortega


Early morning stretches

I remember when I was in school, we had morning stretches and light exercises after the flag ceremony. Additionally, we had physical education classes three times a week, and so, I believe that it should be mandatory.

From Mr Zaniel Ibarra


Successful and healthy

In this fast and technology-inspired society, some activity is necessary to be fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. We need to revive and energise ourselves, take a break from screens and be active so as to be successful and healthy.

From Ms Razana Parveen


Why is it important?

Technology is responsible for the gap between physical activity and poor nutrition. Obesity rates are rising and people are not living up to their potential. Participation in sport promotes health. Encouraging physical activity among the young through compulsory physical education classes would help fight childhood obesity, and contribute to forming lifelong habits of exercise. If they were not driven, many in society wouldn’t find out that they had a talent for a certain sport. Playing team sports builds character and encourages students to work with others. Participation in sport promotes health. Sadly, nowadays, the importance of physical education is decreasing. There are hardly just one or two classes in a week. As children go to higher grades, even that one class is replaced by other subjects. Since physical education has so many benefits, I feel that more emphasis should be given to it to promote a healthy lifestyle among children.

From Ms Megna Rajagopal


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