I got a mail from Du on August 8, 2013 regarding Du new Home Service package and revised package. After that I am paying Dh375 per month. Based on August 7, 2013 Gulf News report, it states, “A du spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday with Gulf News that customers can remain with that which they feel comfortable. With regard to the recently announced revision to our Home Service Packages, we would like to clarify that it has always been our brand value to offer customers the freedom of choice. With effect from September 1, 2013 and for a period of three months thereafter, existing customers will be able to unsubscribe from the new package and return to their existing packages.”

Based on this news I have waited three months and on the first week of December I called them to go back to my previous plan. But unfortunately they told me there is no option for it. Later I come to know a lot of people change this plan before December, and I called them again to inform about it. They had confirmed that those people who called till November end they had changed the plan, and they had informed these things through the leading media. I informed that the news clearly states that this will be possible only after three months but they are not agreeing. I asked them to give me a complaint reference but they told me this they can’t give. Du never notified through email or their website that going back to the old plan is possible during this period.

I have contacted du several times but I got the same answer. I am requesting your help to find a solution to this problem.

From Mr Vibin Palliyil Vasu


A spokesperson from Du responds: We can confirm that following the revision of our Home Services packages on September 1, 2013, our customers were given the option to return to their original package without the newly-introduced benefits. This option was available for a period of three months, with December 1, 2013 as the final cut-off for returning to the original package as mentioned in the news story published by Gulf News on August 7 http://gulfnews.com/business/telecoms/du-backflips-on-bundle-changes-1.1218013. From our records we found that Mr Vasu’s request came through on December 12. We have already clarified the same to Mr Vasu and we apologise to him for any inconvenience that he may have faced.

(Process initiation: March 19. Response from organisation: April 8.)

Case not closed

This is to inform Gulf News that I had taken a web hosting account with etisalat in May 2013. However, I cannot access the email provided by them. They made me buy the password two times, though I could not understand why. Even on the first try, the password did not work.

In this case, I filed a complaint on June 12. I got a reply from them stating that the problem was resolved and the case was closed. However, again I found that the situation is the same since I took hold of the account in May 2013.

The attitude of the staff, when I complained, was arrogant. They were not aware of the issue. When I visited their sales office, they told me to call 101. When I called 101, they would take down the complaint but never solve it.

From Mr Pradeep Kumar Bhandary


Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to etisalat for comments. However, despite repeated reminders, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: June 1. Process completion: June 16.)

No need for card

I had applied for a Dubai First credit card on May 19 through a relationship officer. She had informed me that credit card application processing would normally take a duration of 7 to 10 working days. After all the verification was done, they informed me that they wanted my security cheque in order to continue processing of application.

I requested them to approve the application and tell me the credit limit provided to me so that I could provide them with a closed security cheque. They assured me the application would be processed and the credit card limit would be Dh13,500. I had reconfirmed again from the relationship officer and she also confirmed the same.

On the basis of the confirmation, I provided a security cheque of Dh13,500. After two weeks, they informed me that my application was rejected as I was working for the collections department in a bank and they don’t provide credit cards for employees working in collections department. I called the relationship officer and asked her to return my documents and security cheque. She informed that they had again resubmitted my documents to the credit department, as my colleague who has the same designation and works for the same department got the credit card in 10 days time from Dubai First.

I informed them that if they were unable to process it, it was fine, as I had applied for a credit card from another bank, which was approved and being delivered to me.

A salesperson from Dubai First had convinced me that the application would be approved as they just required the signature of the head of the bank. It has been a week now and I have been following up with them to cancel the application and return my documents, along with the security cheque, but no one has responded to my request.

I don’t even know if anyone is concerned about my requests and complaints that I have logged with their call centre. I just want my documents and the security cheque back, to ensure that it is not misused or in the wrong hands.

I would request Gulf News to intervene in the matter and get me a solution, as all my efforts have gone to waste.

From Mr Dinesh Kumar Verma


The management of Dubai First responds:

Prospective customers sign a declaration when they apply for a credit card that in case the application is declined, the documents remain with Dubai First. However for the applicant’s comfort, we provide a copy of the cancelled cheque. We have sent a copy of the cancelled cheque to Mr Verma. He is satisfied with this resolution, and the complaint is closed from our end.

Mr Verma responds:

Thank you for your email. I acknowledge that I have received the cancelled cheque copy from Dubai First. I would like to thank Gulf News for its support in getting the issue resolved easily. I had tried to resolve this issue in many ways but all my efforts just went to waste. Thank you for doing an excellent job in helping resolve people’s issues.

(Process initiation: July 1. Response from organisation: July 6. Reader confirmation: July 6.)

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