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Support small business

Small businesses face significant challenges in today’s world (“UAE Corporate Tax: Registration mandatory for small businesses, even with losses”, Gulf News, January 2). They have to compete with large corporations, online giants who dominate the market, and deal with fluctuations in the economy that can hit them harder. However, it’s important to care about them because supporting small businesses creates a positive ripple effect in the economy. Choosing a locally owned shop over a big-box store helps invest in your community. The money spent stays local, paying employees, buying inventory from other local businesses, and ultimately supporting local schools and services. This boost to the local economy creates jobs and opportunities for everyone. Besides, small businesses offer something unique: heart and soul. They’re run by people who put their passion into their work. You’ll often find exceptional customer service, unique products, and a genuine connection that you just can’t replicate in larger chains. Small businesses also bring diversity and vibrancy. They reflect the unique character of our neighborhoods, offering a tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and crafts. By supporting them, we celebrate this diversity and enrich our everyday lives.

From Mr Hari Sankar


The power of a morning walk

There is something magical about the early hours of the day when the sun is rising, and the world is waking up (“Of morning walks along paths laden with tales”, Gulf News, April 18) . Simple acts of stopping to greet people, exchanging pleasantries, cracking jokes, smiling, and clapping hands during a morning walk can make a world of difference. These small gestures have the power to uplift spirits and create a sense of enthusiasm that can carry through the entire day. When we take the time to stop and connect with those around us, it fosters a sense of community and belonging. It reminds us that we are not alone and that the world is filled with a multitude of diverse and interesting individuals. Each interaction adds a spark of positivity to our day, and these little moments of connection can have a tremendous impact on our overall well-being. As we exchange pleasantries and crack jokes, we create an atmosphere of joy and lightheartedness. Laughter is contagious, and it has the ability to brighten the darkest of mornings. As we share smiles and laughter, we release endorphins and reduce stress, setting a positive tone for the day ahead. Furthermore, the act of clapping hands and cheering on our fellow walkers encourages them and creates a sense of unity and support. It’s a reminder that we are all in this journey together, and a simple gesture of applause can uplift others and inspire them to push themselves a little further. Incorporating these interactions into our morning walk routine can set a positive tone for the entire day. It fosters a sense of connection, joy, and enthusiasm that can carry through our daily activities. So let’s rise and shine with the power of morning walk connections and embrace the beauty of creating positivity in our lives through simple yet meaningful interactions.

From Mr T S Karthik


New Zealand MP resigns

The recent resignation of New Zealand MP Golriz Ghahraman amid allegations of shoplifting is indeed unfortunate. (“New Zealand MP Golriz Ghahraman resigns over shoplifting allegations” Gulf News, January 16). Individuals with Kleptomania, a psychological disorder marked by the impulse to steal without motive of profit or personal gain, often get arrested for shoplifting, despite Kleptomania being recognised as a mental ailment, they often undergo legal proceedings and serve sentences. While kleptomaniacs insist that their actions are often unintentional, they are treated as common thieves, subjected to arrest, and publicly shamed. Distinguishing between a kleptomaniac and a regular thief can be challenging for security personnel. It is crucial to approach such situations with empathy and compassion.

From Mr Eappen Elias


A Grand Slam for India

Congratulations to Rohan Bopanna and his doubles partner for winning their first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open (“A Grand Slam at 43, Rohan Bopanna’s lessons for us”, Gulf News, February 1) . Bopanna has been striving for this achievement for years, and his hardwork and dedication has finally paid off, making history in the process. Winning the trophy at the age of 43, he has proven that age is just a number. Well played, Bopanna, you richly deserve this win, even though it came late. Keep up the good work!

From Mr N. Mahadevan



In today’s modern world, one of the most important values is treating all human beings with equality and respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. It’s essential to follow the principles of humanity and be kind and generous towards others, especially those in need or suffering from natural disasters and wars. We should prioritise helping those who are struggling, no matter their background, and strive to live in a society where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. By teaching these values to our children, we can work together to create a more compassionate and just world for all.

From Mr Abdulkhaleq A. Alyafei


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