Australia's Glenn Maxwell plays a shot
Australia's Glenn Maxwell plays a shot during the 2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup match against Afghanistan at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on November 7, 2023. Image Credit: AFP

Cricket World Cup: Maxwell Magic

Gulf News’s report on Glenn Maxwell’s innings said it all (“For Glenn Maxwell, it’s just stand and deliver in Cricket World Cup”, Gulf News, November 7). It was a monumental and awe-inspiring effort from Maxwell. It could be compared to Kapil Dev’s knock of 175 runs against Zimbabwe in 1983. Maxwell’s knock could be kept above a few notches due to his hampering cramps and the quality of the Afghan bowlers. I wanted the Afghanistan cricket team to win, but nobody could stand in the way of the astonishingly brilliant batsmanship. ‘Stand and Deliver’ the Gulf News caption was superb. Ultimately, cricket has won—good proceedings coverage; well done, Gulf News.

From Mr Chelliah M


Glen Maxwell’s miracle

What an incredible victory for the Australian cricket team against Afghanistan in this World Cup (“Why Australia can win the Cricket World Cup”, Gulf News, November 8)! Australia, a five-time world champion, was almost defeated by the giant killers, but luckily, Glenn Maxwell was there to save the day. Despite dropping some catches early in his innings, he played like a true champion and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. His double century, completed despite cramps, secured the win for Australia and prevented their elimination from the tournament. This match proves that cricket is a game of uncertainty and not only catches win matches. Well played, Maxwell!

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Bangladesh seal victory against Sri Lanka

I want to congratulate the Bangladesh cricket team for their victory against Sri Lanka by three wickets. This victory, however, spoiled Sri Lanka’s chance of qualifying for a semi-final slot and possibly the Championship entry. The Sri Lankan team must be very disappointed with the ‘Time Out’ appeal against Angelo Mathews by the Bangladesh captain, which he could have avoided. Instead, he was branded as a killer of the spirit of the game. However, it is important to note that, as per the rule, Mathews is at fault for not adhering to the time-out rule. Normally, when a batsman goes to bat, the next in line should be ready, padded up with all his accessories. But Mathew seemed unready with all accessories and took a defective helmet to make matters worse. Sadly, teams are more concerned about winning matches by hook or crook than preserving the ‘Gentleman Game’ tag. I hope that the ICC will take some steps to streamline the rules.

From Mr Vinay M



It is alarming that the Indian capital city of Delhi has experienced the worst pollution in recent years (“In pictures: Thick toxic haze engulfs Delhi, schools to remain closed”, Gulf News, November 8). According to a Gulf News article, the level of pollutants in the atmosphere has exceeded 570 micrograms, which is fifteen times higher than the recommended limit set by the World Health Organisation. The increase in the number of automobiles, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from industries, diesel generators, and powerhouses is a significant contributing factor to this issue. The recent dangerous crisis began after farmers in neighbouring states burned stubble, and the situation worsened due to the bursting of crackers during Diwali. The Bombay High Court has now directed the public only to use firecrackers for three hours, and coal emissions remain high due to energy production.

It is crucial to address this issue as we cannot ignore the adverse effects of pollution on our health and the environment. Otherwise, there would be no point in holding rallies and conferences, promoting the message of ‘Go Green’ and celebrating days like Earth Day and Environment Day. It’s alarming that the city of Delhi has witnessed the worst pollution in recent years. The reading of the pollutants in the atmosphere breached the 570-microgram mark, fifteen times more than the World Health Organisation recommendation. The increase in the number of automobiles and CO2 emissions from industries and diesel generators and powerhouses are high. The latest crisis started after the stubble burning of farmers in neighbouring agrarian states. The bursting of crackers during Diwali will aggravate the situation, and now the Bombay High Court directed the public to use firecrackers for three hours. Coal emission is also high for energy production. Otherwise, there would be no point in them holding rallies, conferences, awareness of Go Green, and celebrating days like Earth Day and Environment Day.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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