Sultan Saif AlNeyadi new official pic
Sultan Saif AlNeyadi is a holder of a PHD in Information Technology (Data Leakage Prevention) and practices Jujitsu Image Credit: Supplied

An incredible mission in space

For UAE, it’s a moment of triumph, motivation, and focus (“Watch: ‘I wish everyone could try this,” UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi shares joy of weightlessness’, Gulf News, March 7). Congratulations to Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi who entered the International Space Station (ISS), to begin the Arab world’s longest space mission. Along with three other crew members, he will spend the next six months at the ISS. It is a proud moment for the UAE to launch its second successful space odyssey. It’s an example of the UAE leaders’ vision and farsightedness to make the UAE a leading country in global sciences.

From Mr Prasad Warrier


Celebrating women’s day

Women’s empowerment should start at home (“International Women’s Day themes cannot be confined to hashtags”, Gulf News, March 9). Wholehearted support at home can boost women’s self-confidence and will have a transforming impact on their way of life. I feel blessed because my parents have made me strong and independent in balancing my personal and professional life effortlessly. Today, I feel empowered to play the role of mother, wife, daughter, sister, colleague, and friend. Cheers to all the lovely women.

From Ms Tejal shah


Celebrating womanhood

March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day by the United Nations, and this is for a ‘safer, more inclusive and more equitable future’.

Everyone speaks aloud of gender equality, but many women are denied equality or freedom at home. Women are exposed to many atrocities at their workplaces, their homes, and in public places. Parents should teach their boys how to behave in public. There are a lot of laws to protect human rights, but these laws have yet to help the protection of women and children.

A new life comes from a woman, and she should be revered with love and respect. Humanity has no existence without her.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Women’s roles in society

International women’s day is celebrated to recognise the struggles and achievements of women worldwide (“Women in renewables industry: Know their thoughts on International Women’s Day”, Gulf News, March 9). Their courage and ability to move through life while conquering challenges is appreciable. In addition, March 8 is the day to acknowledge women’s crucial societal role. Despite the many difficulties, many women worldwide are leading the way forward and advocating their rights to equality. The success of women is inevitably the success of society. My best wishes and greetings to all the women who strive to reach their goals. We must wholeheartedly stand up for women’s empowerment with their more substantial participation.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani


Will India prefer Ishan Kishan over Srikar Bharat

The Indian team is contemplating bringing in Ishan Kishan instead of Srikar Bharat, who has yet to shine with the bat. It would be a great injustice to the young keeper, who has proved excellent behind the wicket. Even his batting was okay. Even if Ishan Kishan scores 50 or even 100 runs, a dropped catch or missed stumping of any Australian player, especially Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne, could prove costly to the Indian team. Hence, we need safe hands behind the stumps. The Indian team has already paid a price by including Gill, based on the comments of our commentators in the Indore match. He got out to irresponsible shots in both innings, for which he could be benched at Ahmadabad. Well, Ishan Kishan could come in his place and open with Rohit Sharma, which could benefit the team. But, first, the Indian team should shed their complacency and play to their potential to win the Ahmadabad Test to qualify for the World Test Championship (WTC) finals.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


Test cricket at its best

The recently-concluded test series between England and New Zealand was among the most scintillating. Coming at the heels of a massive defeat in the first test and following on in the second, New Zealand kept its nerves and managed to square the series. It is a clear depiction of how test cricket is to be placed. New Zealand’s never-give-up attitude proved to secure the incredible outcome, and it will stand a good stead in their upcoming series with Sri Lanka. Similarly, Australia trounced the so-called tigers at home in India in their backyard. While the match at Indore was tight, Australian batters learnt to play Indian spinners to post a competitive total in the first innings, which proved to be a cause for their win.

From Mr Mohamed Rajack


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